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We need a logo for a Electrical Firm. The Firmname is "Aerni Elektro“. The Slogan is „Wir sind auf Draht“ who is meaning „We’re on wire. USE OF LOGO: - all types of printed communication - all types of electronic media –website - applicable on different types of promotional items. The eps-file shows the Colour and the Font from the actual Firmname (how i can attach it?). And this existing lettering should be « completed » with a logo. We have had the title and the colour for a long time and people in this area have come to know it, so I would like to keep it. LOGO COMPOSITION: Combination of name (text) and visual element . We need a logo that is modern , but nothing to extraordinary. THE TEXTUAL ELEMENT: Consists of the name and the font like in the eps-file. The colour must also part from the textual element. THE VISUAL ELEMENT: Should be modern, simple, clean, stylized. THE COLORING for the Logo are not specified. Please note: we are in the CH and work Swiss based hours, which will affect when we give feedback ;--)) also we discute the logo-ideas in the management team. So the feedbacks would take a little bit more time.

files attached: schriftzug.eps

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  • pat
    Hi Kisai. Interessting version. Could you change the connector shape with which one who have three connectors? the connector on the actual entry is not europ-normed. Pat
  • pat
    I think it is not something for an electrical firm
  • pat
    Hi sevehn. Your logo is actual our favorite. is there any possibility to change the color from the initials into the colour like the ones in the eps file? Thanks Pat
  • Only one entry allowed, no variations
  • Only one design on entry allowed. No variations
  • This is one submission with two colors. I can't understand the problem!!!
  • Coy
    One submission per canvas. http://www.designcontest.net/forum/announcements/15095-one-submission-per-entry.html
  • Hi pat, my first submission was removed because looked as there were 2 entries in one picture. Made a few changes, will work on this submission. Thanks
  • pat
    Hi. Your entry #1144 looking better. I'm not sure if it's clear that around the initials are wires. Have you any idea to change "something" with the wire-shape? Best regards Pat.
  • pat
    Hi. Thanks for the post. the relation between the lamp and an elctrical firm is clear. But i think it's to normal. Several firms in our area have something linke this in her logo. So i would prefer something different. Regards Pat
  • pat
    hi majd. thanks for posting your idea. i noticed the ae - but it's to difficult to see it. Perhaps you can post a new version. Thanks Pat
  • Pat, could you please place 1154 and 1153 under needs work status. this way I can tweak both of these to meet your specifications. Thanks, DixielandDesign
  • i chose to make your logo as compact as possible, but still emphasizes the letters that has been well-known in your country ... would appreciate your thoughts or feedbacks on this - thanks!
  • it's the same, only coloured different, i thought that's ok. Sorry if wrong, i'll try to understand better the rules
  • Coy
  • Coy
    ONE ENTRY PER Submission.
  • Hi pat! What about #1151? Any modifications?
  • Thanks, i'll try.
  • pat
    i've forgotten to say: please create a new one ;--))
  • pat
    hi smyth. looking interesting. could you make a nother version with the initals? ohter shape (not the connector). Thanks Pat