Manhattan MD Hair, P.C.

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For a new medical practice specializing in the medical diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.

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  • what is the problem
  • imar183, we feel that your entry above is too similar in concept to another entry in this contest. Please feel free to submit a new concept if you have available entries left. Good luck.
  • i see imar183 also has a problem in his entry #6875.Where is his problem?Why can't we change the background?I would understand by variations different designs,not different colours.
  • You have a couple of variations in this entry. The black and white version should be exact same as the design in the main area
  • How can I display on a flat section gradienet, then will be again a problem
  • How can I show these bright colors on white background? Not all logos will be dark colors. Do you agree with me?
  • But CH is also left to designers to choose which color they want and I thought it might be good, CH is not a designer I am designer.If he does not like the black background it is up to him to decide not to sign you immediately as a problem. :(
  • You cannot use background color unless CH requires. If you want to show BK colored, use the flat color section.
  • The word 'Hair' rather than 'Manhattan' should be emphasized. Thanks.
  • the word 'Hair' should be emphasized more than 'Manhattan'. Thanks.
  • 'Hair' rather than 'Manhattan' should be emphasized. The design is slightly too horizontal.
  • Hair should be emphasized rather than 'Manhattan'. The towers look too much like the World Trade Center.
  • you cannot use any background color unless CH requires it. you can use the flat colors area to show a colored background, as long you show the logo in a flat version.
  • Bunker, you know that we don't allow clipart to be used. This is a serious offense and results in permanent suspension of your account on DC.
  • Did not use the DC canvas
  • you cannot use gray-scale in b&w area. Only 100% black and white is allowed