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We are looking for a logo that can be easily identified. Our company name lends itself to a highly creative yet simple logo. We would like a logo that is easy to identify whether it is on a billboard or the bottom of a postcard project we run. The word "Red" does not have to be in the logo. We are open to all ideas and do not have a specific style or idea to start with.

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  • Hello Simplest, we only allow ONE concept per entry. You will need to select your favorite of these 2 concepts and post only one. Let me know if you have any questions, and please resubmit your entry with just one design on the canvas.
  • Hi, design 7656, sooo sorry for the addition of group into the design, will re-submit without. Thanks
  • Did not met the minimum post requirement
  • Our rules are that the black and white area needs to show solid black and white, not grayscale. Please see other entries for examples.
  • You need to use our official DC canvas for submitting. Please see others for an example.
  • You cannot use gray-scale ir gradients in b&w area. Only pure black and white is allowed. Only 1 design is allowed. Do not show multiple designs in mains stage. thanks
  • Please read through our rules and regulations. One design per entry
  • Rules state one design per entry that includes variations. Please read through our rules here at designcontest.
  • Darn, I should have sent the perfected version of my previous design. This 1 doesn't look that good compared with the previous design prefected with better catching arrows
  • we have just one day but i will try to be on time :) Thank you for your feedback i appreciate it
  • Can you change the angle of the 3/projector? Perhaps make the projector stand out more. Perhaps another logo with the 3/projector as the M in Media
  • Can you change font to block type. No rounded fonts.
  • I could also reverse the arrows so they point to Media and 2 in the air (as transmitters). And or place the word RED above this logo
  • oh sorry this is my first entry and i didnt knew that. I thought its was gray scale. I hope i can post a new one with no problems now... Thank you
  • You cannot use gray-scale or gradients in b&w area. Only pure black and white is allowed. thanks
  • can you make some changes to the Logo...perhaps dropping or shortening the vertical left leg of the logo. Also adding a dot/circle to make the "R" show up better in the logo. feel free to try a couple variations.
  • change to block font
  • understand your concept just too hard to read.
  • Can you try a different font for the 3? How about making the 3 red and the circle a different color
  • can you make 3 points instead of 4?