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Project description

This 15x mega multiplier promotion rewards casino players 15x points for their play. Normally, casinos offer 2x or 3x points, and this 15x promo drawfs those. THis logo needs to be easy to read, as it will probably be on a billboard. I'm thinking of something grand, monumental, even a bit cocky. It needs to pop, with a touch of vegas class. I'm open to a logo with "15X MEGA Multiplier" included, or having "15X" and "MEGA Multiplier" seperate.

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  • Thank you all for your time and efforts on this logo. I will be using this site again in the future. Troy
  • imare83, #2529. This design is the winner. What font is this in? Thanks for your time. Troy
  • need to use official canvas.
  • imare83, #2529. This is one of the final 3. Could I see the inside of the oval and Points in red and the 10X in gold? Thanks,
  • Imare83, #2430. This is one of the final 3, can I see 10X and Points in the rectangle? Thanks,
  • you need to use the official canvas.
  • grey scale not allowed in black and white section
  • grey scale not allowed in the black and white section
  • I thought its optional. I also did it in "PLatinum - skin center contest". I apologize, i will never do it again.
  • Thanks for the changes. Nice.
  • Attention all designers: For those of you who are submitting for the first time or revisions, please have all content reflect the following changes: 10X instead of 15X Add the word Points under the 10X. "Points" can be added to current revisions or can replace "Mega Multiplier" alltogether. Please accept my appologies on these recent changes. Sincerely, Troy
  • Please change to 10X. The black background doesn't show the "popping out" as well. its gray on black, which is hard to show the pop. THank you
  • please revise with 10X instead. Sorry, please seperate the 10 and the x a bit more. thanks,
  • I like the flash. Can you please revise with 10X instead? thanks
  • needs to be posted on official canvas.
  • The reds came off very pink. humm...
  • #2331 by imari83.  I'd like to see a revision on this one.  work those colors a bit so its easier to read.  Maybe have the 15x in one color and the circle in another with the mega multiplier in a color or just black.  I'm not sure, this one still has potential.  maybe even an oval instead of a circle?  This needs to pop and be easy to read when used on a billboard from distance.

  • This doesn't feel finished enough. sorry, nice monumental feel on the 15x though. Thanks,
  • I like the color scheme, but overall logo might not read well on a billboard. Thanks,
  • layout is pretty good, color scheme is too busy, but I like the fun direction.  Thanks,