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i leave it up to the designers either one or two colors or even 4 color process as well. I would like "Burgers, Fries & Shakes" to be below the logo. I also would like the "M" + the "K" to be upper case and the "o" + "a" to be lower case.
i will need the logo for signage, print, web, basically all types.

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  • I´m really sorry for this I didn´t know it. I won´t do this mistake again.
  • ziza, you cannot use gray-scale in b&w area. Only 100% black and white is allowed. thanks
  • hey MikeC, should the logo be more classic and retro or modern and "hip"? and please start rating the entries!
  • what about adding some sort of picture to this one?
  • pretty good - it is the McDonalds colors though...... burger is a little bland looking like the idea
  • this is my 2nd favorite so far - i think the word MoKa does not pop enough like the idea thanks
  • i like this one the best so far -but, i do not love it. not sure if there is a way to make this pop more.
  • Can I repeat the logo, but with the correct B & W area
  • You cannot use gray-scale in b&w area. Only 100% black and white is allowed. No gradients either, thanks
  • burger little thinner - not as much meat on the burger
  • i like to see a thicker font on this one to see how it looks
  • i kind of like this one - but similair to the johnny rockets logo
  • not my style - like th bigger fonts thanks
  • just don't love the burger - too big like the smaller bugers and the burgers not too be that much of the logo
  • like the bigger fonts
  • way too busy thanks though looking for simple - clean
  • like it -
  • like it - not sure if i like the burger fries + shake maybe just the burger
  • looks some what like Johnny rockets - not my taste thanks
  • don't really like the it thanks