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Nathan Smith Photography needs a logo that conveys the emotion or idea of satisfaction and pride. No "camera shutter" or "picture frame" logos, please. Nathan Smith Photography is a business based on honesty, creativity, earnest diligence, forthrightness, enjoyment, taking pride in the results of one's labour and giving the client pride and joy in the final output. The number one emotion the logo should communicate is that the client will take pride and enjoyment from the results of their work with Nathan Smith Photography.

Message from the administration: the client has requested 50% feedback. In this poll we need to determine who will receive the other half of the prize.

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  • Coy
    multiple images.
  • This one is very good! You can't help but feel positive when you look at it. It certainly conveys "happiness". Now... would I select this design for Nathan Smith Photography? I don't know for sure. It's very welcoming, but has a gentle "family portrait happy" kind of feeling. If you could find a way to mature this design into an "executive glossy luxury car beautiful glamor model happy" then we would have a sure-fire winner. What do you think?
  • hey nsmith, thanks for the constructive feedback
  • Hello, thank you for your contributions. My immediate impression with these two was a lack of punch, a lack of impact. I think a bolder, more memorable style is important for a logo. Further, the designs are without a connotation of "customer benefits" ... "the person is happy with their photos". What can be done to add those elements?
  • Coy
    fyi to all/new designers -
  • Coy
    Similar design to This is a serious offense.. You will be contacted.
  • Thank you for the feedback, I will post a revision soon. Regards, -- jjyepez
  • And yes, I know I said "no picture frames" but this one is good. Perhaps I should rescind my "No 'camera shutter' or 'picture frame' logos" request to expand the creative possibilities.
  • Hey!! Simply put, "the picture is happy"! I really like it. It's the first entry to really apply the "pride and joy" customer benefit and it is now the front runner. One thing I'd like to see is if you can make it a bit more "professional" or "adult". If my core market was kids and pets, this would nail it, but my core is car owners, detail shops, custom automotive shops and fashion and glamour models.
  • Well executed, but kind of a law firm or academic institution type of image. I think it's too far from the "photography" business.
  • Clever, but a bit too Celtic. The backwards "a" is cheeky and creative, but I want to keep it clean and professional. Further, this design doesn't give a sense of pride or the good mood a customer should be in when they see their photos. This is my favorite of the designs here so far, but I can't use it for my company because of the absent "customer benefits".
  • I like the version with the serif font. Not sure where to take this next. It's good and bold and professional, I like that, but it doesn't speak about those benefits that I want to show the customer.
  • This is a cool design, it reminds me of the little plastic holders you used to put in the center of the small 45 records, you know? It also has some of the "Star Wars Rebel Alliance" feel. Kind of retro, that's pretty cool. What it doesn't have is an emotion of pride and success from a happy interaction between some client and Nathan Smith Photography. Can that be done?
  • Thank you for your contribution. While pleasant and well constructed, this concept reminds me of a logo for a hotel here called The Mattera, I don't think it will serve me. I'd like to break out of just letters and have an image that connotes "pride" and "pleased with the results". Those are the two customer benefits I'd like to somehow incorporate into the logo.
  • Coy
    sure can.. Could you select "needs work" so I can submite a revision to this design. Thanks
  • Thank you Coy, very cool idea. Could you try another font for the sub-text? It has a ... I don't know, I don't care for it. Something cleaner, more classical?
  • Good morning, I would like the logo to have "Nathan Smith Photography" as the main name and "" as a sub-element or an optional element.
  • CH, Do you want the logo name to read "Nathan Smith Photography" or ""? Thanks.