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we have an old logo that incorporates the Hooters Owl which we would need to somehow incorporate into new logo - we are in need of an updated logo - we need to incorporate National Golf Association - Hooters - Pro Golf and Owl in logo if possible -

Message from the administration: it is an open contest, which means that all members can submit entries. However please read this document before submitting your work to this contest.

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  • I forgot to mention, for variation and simplicity I based this owl character off of the loading icon used on
  • Can you provide the Hooters Logo artwork in Vector form ?
  • First time on here. Let me know if you have any questions/feedback for #794.
  • Would you like to keep emphasis on the words Hooters and Tour in the logo as is done in the current identity for
  • Feedback on #765 will be truelly appreciated.
  • BigWalt, please, check out the thread specified by Sharie and get in touch with me via private message system.
  • bigwalt check here
  • or may be I am dreaming...
  • this is my first here i submit 2 design and now they are gone....can anyone tell me what happen to my designs ....
  • Is the logo to have the whole "Hooters" logo with or without the owl? Is there a certain required size for the hooters logo?
  • if you want any changes on my work. ask me.I SEE I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE ENTRY TO GO... MMMM THIS IS MY FRIST TIME IN THIS WEBSITE...
  • ngahooter, kindly provide a vector version of the owl with the text Hooters. Thanks -Amr
  • like this as well- the understating of hooters is ok - but missing something - the corner is odd - the border not a bad idea - like the way the NGA hugs the curve - could also run the NGA down the side with the curve as a possiblity
  • a good direction - needs a little more color and possibly not using the owl - just the Hooters logo letters
  • little to bold with background - looking for something a little more simple and modern like logo maybe a swinging golfer image rather that the ball
  • i am working to fine tune my details as there r guidelines we must use. Hooters logo has to remain the same as well as owl - must have a trademark/registered stamp after Hooters (small circled R) - working on getting vector file version for everyone - looking for something more modern - - NGA can b used to abbreviate National golf association - also more info coming on PMS colors
  • ngahooter, does the owl have to be exactly like the one on your logo? If so, is it possible you can supply the designers with a vector version of the owl? thanks!