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We would like a modern looking but clean Logo for web site branding and print media. It needs to be very coloful and eye-catching. Bright and vibrant. Use google images with keyword Aura-Soma product images.

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  • Too much going on.
  • This color is not working. Thanks for letting me see it.
  • Not looking professional
  • Not crazy about the colors running this way
  • too much going on
  • Please google aura-soma and look at the equilbrium bottles and you will know what i mean. The bottle number is 44. thank you
  • Would you try this with a bottle with pale blue on bottom pale violet on top. There also has to be an - between aura-soma thank you
  • I like this with a bottle you created B46 Can I see this with violet on bottom and turquiose on top
  • try different color combination please. thank you
  • moving in the right direction. Please submitt different color combination Thank you
  • Moving in the right direction. Please smitt direct color combinatons. Thank you
  • I like the direction Please summit different color combinations Thank you
  • I like this. Can you try something different with the North America?
  • this is getting closer. Try some other colors that gives it a boarder
  • Too Dark It needs to have a splash of color since the whole system is color, thank you
  • Aura-Soma is a color care system. It is made up of 108 dual color bottles. Each bottle has its own language just like learning to speak french or spanish. Please google and look at the equiblirum bottles. thank you
  • North America Aura-Soma (I am the US Distributor that brings the products into the US for resale)
  • nhr
    Of course :)
  • I know there is not much time but can these colors be brighter. Thanks
  • I like this ideal. Can you give me some other color combinations. Thanks