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We are looking for a low color logo (one, two or three colors) for a new software company being started in Rwanda named "Nyaruka". Nyaruka is Kinyarwanda for 'be quick' or 'go fast', so something evocative of that is a plus. We tend to prefer simple, clean designs over more complicated ones, something that has a double meaning with negative space would be extra cool. The logo should be able to stand on it's own or be beside the stylized company name. Extra points for providing some sketches for business cards incorporating it. So the themes: fast, technology / software, perhaps africa or rwanda if not hokey, and clean

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  • quick revision to show correct spelling.
  • i also just realized i mis-spelled it. oh well, like i said. i'm willing to revise. thanks!
  • #1541, #1542 i'm willing to tweak these after the contest is over if my design is chosen. thank you. these are the same concept. just different color variations. i used an entry to show you. i figured there's not really time for you to mark as needs work. anyhow... thanks again.
  • Thanks, this is a really cool concept, it is running a bit late to ask for revisions, but we will definitely consider it.
  • no need to apologize! It happens all the time with new members. We're working to revise the rules and make them clearer, not a problem, just be more careful! Thanks!
  • I'm sorry!
  • Please only choose one logo per entry. You may show it in color and in black/white, but please choose only one.
  • You can only submit one concept per entry.
  • I have serious doubts that this is a vector image.
  • Nyaruka, would love to have some feedback on 1472 and 1484. I have one more to submit however I was waiting to see if you might have some direction for me. Thank You.
  • Thanks for the revision, looks great.
  • Don't care for the badge on the left. We'd also like to see the text itself worked to be the actual logo.
  • I'd like to see a version of this one, with some tweaks: - solid color - take the tail on the K up a bit - nix the full name underneath Thanks for the submissions.
  • Hi! What was your feeling about #1465?
  • Thanks, but we are going for a cleaner look.
  • This one seems pretty neat. The first letter feels like an a in my head though.
  • fast things (planes, spaceships, missiles ...) tend to look blur in the rear end, this is the idea behind the concept. I hope now you understand why I choose to use a growing blur from right to left, as if the "word" travels with high speed in the "right" direction! sry for my 'bad english:)
  • Coy
    appreciate the feedback. submited my revision.
  • The blur treatment seems a bit odd to me, hard for me to see through that right now.
  • A bit too plain, thanks.