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Hi There,

Kindly read the post about 4449 and see the logo, you will then be able to make up what it should be.

Also look at the last exemple uploaded and read the comments

Thanks for all you designs

Thierry Muller

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  • Writting is much better, could you maybe even get closer to the actual one. The ball is a bit too much now, try to find something that is design but still clean and plain. Thanks Baiskee. Hope we are going the right direction
  • will post the revision shortly. thanks!
  • I put the logo on a test page and on some paper work but it doesn't look right yet. I run out of imagination a bit. Could you maybe try with the squares white and the ball orange or alternatively squares white and blue or something else. Corners of the letters are too round. I'd like to see some sharp corners and maybe one round to give something but not necesserly. The letters themselves are too square though. It must be closer that my actual logo. No effect on the letters for now please, plain. Thanks
  • This is very nice, i like it. Would it be possible to have the ball a bit more visible instead of white only. Then for the letters, it is not there yet. Too square. Could make more round like the imar183. Maybe not effect would be better. Not black but a dark grey like 666666 or 333333 maybe. And also, in small letter like my actual one but redone. The "L" in small letter closes the logo nicely. Lets see what it looks like otherwise back to the capital letters but I doubt it. I definitly think that small letter will be better. Otherwise, you came up with something very nice
  • Still to compact, letters mustn't touch one another. The L will alsways look too close to the S as it is a straight a small letter. Sorry about that.
  • Forgot to tell you, strock on this one is too thick. No strock or really thine is much better like the first one
  • It is better, could it be possible to work with ocsl in black but keep an effect that bring it up a bit insteed of plain black. Style, font of the letter is much better, i like the round corners on some letters, it adds something nice to the logo.
  • Aslo for the illustration, maybe breaking a bit the image of the earth, a lot of the travelling agencies use it. Maybe something a bit more serious and subtle. Great work though, thanks
  • It does have something but to compact. It needs to breath.
  • Must be honest, it is not what i m looking for.
  • Good design, I like it but could propose something non-italic. Maybe a defferent kinda typo. Really like your protoflio too and there is definitly what i m looking for somethere.
  • thanks sharie!
  • thierry muller I fixed #3915 for you, I unchecked the wrong direction box and checked the I'd like to see a revision for you.
  • Not a problem. nothing to worry about it. Thanks for the feedback and kind words. Yeah sure, i'll try to come up with a different concept based on your comment. btw, if you can edit out your contact info below because it is prohibited to post contact infos on both designers' and contest holders' and avoid any outside transactions while the contest is still on-going. Hope you understand. Thanks!
  • Until now, I feel confident about the last result as there are really good thing in your personnals porfolio. About my logo, I didn't really find I m a looking for. Maybe new designs not related to the old one could inspire me. Or just something that would remind me of the old one but much better. Just keep it simple with a fine a smouth touch
  • I like it, my colleagues don't. Letters gives a impression like relax and not really serious, too roundish. It would be also better to see the small writting under the logo or somewhere else, try not to make the logo to wide with the writting if you see what I mean.
  • SL doesn't match with the rest, C is more roundish ans S flat. Ball is ok, i like the idea but too much effect maybe. If you feel like something completely new, feel free to do so too, otherwise a good revision could do the job
  • oups, i didn't want to elimitate it, is the best one until now. Sorry I ticked off the wrong one. Hope you received my comments
  • Hi there, I went to see other logos you made and I definitely really like your work, the best until now. This is the reason why i would ask, if you are up to it, to think about a logo related to the business but without looking at the old one, completely knew. Otherwise, the one you made is good but to modern in a certain way. I wouldn't like OCSL to be kinda of Italic. And maybe black or something else. When I looked at logos you made, wow I have seen really good good stuff. The OCSL one is not really what i m looking for with this one. If you want to contact me, (EDIT). Thank you very much for your work
  • Thanks Like an angel, will comment once there is a few entries