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We need a logo that matches our Stylish yet elegant corporate look. We would like to base the logo around the P in Platinum however we are open to suggestions.

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  • And by 2706 i meant this one - #2760 - sorry for the confusion. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your entry- WE really like the idea but not to sure about the fonts that have been used or the font of P. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your entry - We like the idea but I think the design may be a little to complicated to transfer onto window ect.Can you think of any way toalter it slightly? Thanks!
  • Thanks so much for all your work, can you redo 2706 and just try it with a slightly different font for Platinum Skin Centre, otherwise leave everything the same. Thankyou!
  • Thanks for your entry. We like the idea however maybe change the P just slightly as it is a little hard to read. The design also seems a little to square. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your entry, We love the P. Can you change the text of of platinum skin centre though ans try to add some pink into the design if you can. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your entry - like the concept - but it's a little too simple at the moment - maybe more elegance? Thanks!
  • Thanks for your entry. It would be great to see the logo with a different P. Thanks
  • Thanks for your entry.
  • We like the idea but we also need a logo to go with it aswell. Perhaps try changing the font too. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your revisions it's a nice design - just not what were after. Thankyou!
  • Thanks for your entry. On the right track but a little too simple at the moment.
  • Sorry, but I feel this is not fair, because the Indonesian, so I'm not too could make a good comment.. but once again, sorry...
  • I changed a bit the pink so the fade from silver could be more visible. Thank you
  • Thanks for your entry, we like the concept but can we see a different P? Thanks
  • Thanks for your entry.
  • Thanks for your entry - very pretty but not what were after.
  • My first design. The fonts were visible on my comp better.I think I should have increase the opacity of the font.
  • Hi Hive, please put "needs work" on my last entry, that I can make changes
  • Having thought about it some more - would love to see this one with a lighter/softer pink. Still using the gradient you have but just changing the colour. Thanks so much for your work.