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We need a new logo! Our branding strategy for this product encompasses 4 concepts. 1. ease of use 2. beauty 3. Quality 4. class/elegance. Our current logo is an illustration of a woman and a simple font that we found on photoshop. This logo is adequate in our opinion, but we licensed this image. I need a logo that is all rights released for trademarking purposes. However, we have no problems at all allowing the winning artist to showcase this logo in conjunction with their portfolio.

This logo should be very classy. It could be similar to the current logo, but we are opened minded about other ideas. I think our current logo portrays the feel of class, beauty, quality. This is our current logo:

Please visit our website: to get a feel for our business. The logo would be placed in the upper left hand corner of the website. It will also go directly on our packaging. The logo needs to convey our branding strategy at both the web and product packaging levels.

Our current color scheme is Green. I would prefer green be implemented into the logo at some level. However, the whole does not have to be green. I dont want to go overboard on green and I prefer realism and attractive designing over forcing your artwork to be green.

We look forward to your work!

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  • nhr
    Actually, original text was: "Please, let me know what you think about this concept. I can extend it with realistic face/hair details. Thank you." :)
  • interesting. I dont think its the concept we were looking for, but a nice attempt.
  • Her face is nice. The hair looks a little too unrealistic, mostly on the left side. It reminds me of a raven, and looks a little hard and jagged. But a nice submission.
  • the extensions is cool.
  • I like the darker and better defined eyes. I also like the darker brown effects in the hair itself. Both changes are great. I'll note this as "i'd like to see a revision" in case you get inspired and want to make another change to it, although I do not have any specific recommendations.
  • Hey, just in response to your question about PM'ing, I don't believe they allow any exterior communication between contest holders and designers.
  • nice rendition of our current logo.
  • I like your other version better
  • This is an interesting logo. I do like this version better than the longer hair version.
  • I apologize, if you will mark needs work I will get the correct "T". And the facial features are not pure black. I had a power outage today and learned a valuable lesson in saving my work regularly.
  • Very nice. The only change I have at this point is to reduce the brown accents a little bit. I think its a little too much. If you completely removed the large brown patch that is on the crown it would look better to us. Thank you.
  • I think the body is probably too much. It makes the image look a little too cartoonish.
  • I don't like the green hair. I like the different colors, but perhaps try differing colors of brown. also, the skin should not be green.
  • Can anyone advise me how to get PM access? Am I allowed to PM?
  • This is nice. A couple of things... We liked the hair color black, in my previous feedback, I was just recommending you try using some shading of browns and off-blacks to achieve texture and depth. So I think lets go back to black but not a solid black. Perhaps add in some shades of dark brown or off-black to achieve depth, similar to what you did on 3463. Our current logo uses this technique to show a nice full head of hair. We like this font. Maybe elongate the "cross" of the T. That seems a little short. When you change the hair back to black, then you would probably want to change the Pro in proextensions to be black.
  • I like the direction of your other logo.
  • I dont like green hair.
  • The lady sort of has an angry look on her face. also, her hair looks too short. The font is not elegant enough.
  • so, you prefer a logo with an image next to it?
  • Additional feedback...We liked the lips pink. I don't think it has to match the pro in pro extensions to be an important part of the graphic. Can you try a different font. Cursive is ok, but the capital letters are too dominant with this font and a bit too flowery. we like the font of our example and 3426 the best. We like how you place the "pro" inside her body. Very nice. Can you add some shades of brown into the hair to give it some texture? Maybe try Pro in a different shade of green and maybe also as black