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We need a corporate logo that conveys an image of a trustworthy, stable, and reliable company. We need an image that can be easily separated from the text so that we can use the logo image with several of our subsidiary companies. The initials of the company, TRG can also be incorporated as they will be used in each subsidiary company. TRUMP and Rich Dad Poor Dad would be two brands we would like to emulate.

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  • I like the use of gold in some of the other designs. Can you make the image gold instead of blue?
  • I really like the design on this one and it has gotten positive feedback from some of my colleagues as well. The image is strong and alludes to the commercial aspect we're looking for.
  • We're very interested in your other design #2158, that one is much more along the lines of what we're looking for. THANKS!
  • Would like something that alludes to real estate or some type of image.
  • This is a bit to busy for me.
  • For some reason it will not let me mark "I would like to see a revision" on this design... ??? It does day "needs work" on the page I'm currently looking at. Also, how about adding a bit of a shadow to the top of each building? Not sure if that will look good or not - just suggesting.
  • I like this one, but the house implies Residential real estate and we're more focused on commercial real estate. Any way to make an image that implies commercial real estate?
  • I like the more "corporate" feel of this logo. Not sure if it might look better with just TRG and take off the bottom text. Or somehow align the two elements differently.
  • You're on the right track, but the color scheme does not really work for a "distinguished" investment firm. Also, how about a capital R vs. a lower case r in the image?
  • too hard to read. Thanks for the submission