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We want a logo that is recongnizable and classy. Possibly edgy. Nothing that is a huge cross. Open to any colors and styles. Keep in mind that very traditional older clients will see logo as well as church officials. At the same time we want it to be "cool".

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  • LIke this very much because it combines the lion and the cross and a diamond. Very thoughful. Not sure if I love the leading A and J. Well done!
  • About #9003 I looked at the two places that I thought I might have seen something simular, and theirs are totally different. Feels very warm. Makes me happy. I don't want to replace the heart with a diamond... But would love to see if you have other ideas, as I like this style.
  • It is a very famous christian icon eh?, I believe you have seen it in many many places, is that maybe why you feel you have seen this somewhere else? If you have, please let me know. Would you like me to work on the heart in some kind of diamond shape instead?
  • beautiful. love the creativity. Would love to see what this looks like in another color.
  • Like this one very much, especially the meaning behind it... looks familiar like I might have seen someone simular before?
  • Like this design, especially the symboloism of the flower. I assume it is a dogwood flower.. Very smart. I think it is a little too feminine, as we will have men's jewelry also.
  • I like it very much, except the font... The "A" in amen looks too much like a backwards d.
  • Here it is without the crown. Sorry this wasn't submitted sooner, Thanksgiving weekend is hectic at my house.
  • Would love to see what this looks like without the crown.
  • I'm not able to post it in another color as I've reach the entry limit. In order for me to sent the revision, could you please check "Would like to see a revision" to any of my entry. Thanks
  • I still think I would like to see this in another color. Love the new font. Thanks!!
  • looks too much like jewelry
  • like the cleaner design
  • looks too much like jewelry
  • Looks like the breast cancer ribon.
  • Like this! really like the encorporation of the crown of thorns
  • great. Love the new font
  • to feminine
  • like the idea, but the lines need to be cleaner.
  • love this, as it is a very thoughtful design, yet simple.