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I would like something that echo's what we do, surfing waves. Waves and surfboards incoporated in the logo should be considered but is not manditory. Water and waves colors are welcome but should blend well with the current website.

Please make the main focus or very clear on the logo. And if possible please add the Text San Diego Surfers

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  • Using "surfers" once simplifies the message, further differentiates your ID from San Diego, and still emphasizes the location to support recognition of SD.
  • didnt met the minimum post requirement.
  • Take out the california and put surfers.
  • I don't love the font of san diego surfers
  • I would like to see a sun added like #7396 or #7323. The surfer also has a longboard we are a group of longboarders and shortboarders. so both should be shown.
  • I just think it needs to be cleaned up a little bit.
  • I would like to see some color added perhaps a sun like the other top rated designs.
  • Should be more like top rated designs.
  • It should say San Diego Surfers and also include
  • can you try adding a sun for color and trying the surfer in the middle of the logo somewhere?
  • I like it but I don't feel the fonts fit together. See other top rated designs for inspiration.
  • perhaps you can make the pop out more.
  • We really liked this one please resubmit.
  • great start. can you add some color to make it pop and make sure the url is displayed.
  • I like it but can you put the San Diego Surfers on the surboard like those words are riding the board?
  • Using clipart in a professional contest entry results in an automatic ban of your account.
  • clipart from shutterstock
  • copyright infringement, this is clipart from shutterstock
  • I like the surfer but use the top rated to expand your idea.
  • Great start but I'd like to see san diego surfers in a different font. More like the top rated and #7345