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Georges-Pierre Seurat was a French Post-Impressionist painter and draftsman. His large work "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" (1884

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  • Good seal look! Can tan color be more gold and maybe the rest of Seurat be lower case?
  • This one might be good if the colors were flipped and the ship was gold.
  • What would a circle or a box around the whole thing look like? More like a seal or something?
  • Very interesting design!
  • Can ship be gold and water and sail blue?
  • Good I guess a bit darker would like darker and bolder so it will work with /on all kinds of media Any thoughts about all Caps?
  • Also, what are points for? I'm more sad that my artwork was taken down :(
  • "I would like to incorporate pointalism with the "S" in Seurat." From contest holder. Google pointillism. I'm sorry but this is wrong.
  • Too much like another designers concept
  • Great, sure that took some time. Can quality go up? Like the fact that you can see solid far away and dots close. Can purple {and maybe gold} be darker (more bold)?
  • Good. Simple. Wonder what it would look like centered and or Big "S" Just thinking out loud.
  • Good one. Not sure if it is professional or stately enough (tough with the task at hand) but good job looking like artist would do
  • good but hoping for something with the big S. interesting use with the dots keep trying.
  • Nice but not sure want the $ to stand out like that. Over used I think now.
  • Yes very good. Don't know if purple can get any darker. Others in office think ship and S should be in gold and other in black (not sure how that would even look)
  • Good, and thank you for removing lines much better
  • any way the rings could be in gold and or black? Not sure what it would look like but nice option.
  • Nice
  • Very interesting concept. Not sure about the orange though. Can you remove the LLC? I was thinking Purple (royalty) etc. Don't know how it will show up but maybe blue too? I don't have a feel for how it will look in different colors.
  • very good. would like the LLC not to be in there and also not sure about the lines in the "S". I am not good at this but see what you think about completing the circle with dots and not having the lines in there.