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Project description

The Slide-N-Pump is a manual water pump that attaches easily to two garden hoses. It is extremely versatile in its potential uses and significantly less expensive then electrical pumps.

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  • Coy
    Incorrect post. please follow your first post in this contest. full color, flat color and black and white only.
  • we allow only one design per entry, please, choose the one you prefer and resubmit it.
  • Could you please place it as needs work. Thank you I Will be working on your changes
  • Well, would be nice to mark all the drawings that still need work.
  • Dear ch thanx for feedback can u mark the design as 'needs work' so i can edit it.
  • You need to mark this as 'needs work' so i can make the gradient more water like for you and change the scale.
  • Please mark this as 'needs work' so I can make your requested revisions!
  • Black on bottom looks pretty clunky. Need to be more distinct on the water drop.
  • Generally pretty good. Would like to make gradation in colors more "water like" and perhaps not so tall.
  • Tadpoles in pond are really dominating this logo.
  • Like the strength of this logo. The product has lots of movement/action. Would like to see some more here.
  • N is too big. Perhaps more deliberate waves on each side versus lines.
  • Would like to see on white background. Perhaps the water could be projecting out the end versus down. Fewer water drops since the small ones will just get lost.
  • Would be great to see comparable weight on all words.
  • K&M i mean
  • I believe they want the logo for Slide N Pump. From what i can tell it's a product that K&A are going to develop.
  • did you want a logo for the slide n bump or for k&m?
  • Good afternoon, I was wondering if it's possible to see a picture or drawing of what the product looks like. Thanks!