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Project description

The aim of the project is to develop technologies, mainly in the field of optics, to produce electrical energy via concentrated solar light. The name comes from Atem an Egyptian divinity that created Heliopolis, and Energia, energy in Italian. The logo, AtemEnergia,should remind the key ideas of:

-solar power,
-clean energy,
-concentrated light.

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  • Sandro! You must to use button "need work" to allow this designer (work #1517) submit a new version!
  • This is the one I like more. I don't understand the PROBLEM...
  • Try to change black with blue???
  • Please put "needs work" because they can not deliver more than 3 designs
  • Much better for my taste! Thanks
  • you can click on any entry. on the page that will open with large view of the entry you will see those options just below the image.
  • I don't see the option "Need Work" Anyway the best abstract drawing was in your first submission. The last is too complicated. The middle one too many colors. The first is the one I like more.
  • This one looks a bit better in the colors, but still missing some brightness. Original file is much brighter.
  • The colors look really strange when uploaded here, but they are much brighter/fuller in real life
  • below the image you have the option "Need works" You need to use this option for me to be able to submit another design. Thanks!
  • below the image you have the option "Need works"
  • Hi Sandro. I believe that in each design you can find a button with different options "eliminate", "needs work" and i dont know what else :) Its those options that you need to use in each design. If you think its not what you are looking for, use "eliminate" so the designer can create a new concept. If you feel like the Logo can be improved with a different font or color, select "needs work". I hope i helped :)Ciao
  • Need work: simplify the round object as the first.
  • It's interesting. But it needs a black area background. Not suitable in many cases. Could you try a white background a blue letters?
  • It had a problem because they counted it as two separate logo designs. I have run out of entries. Please mark one of mine as "needs work."
  • The yellow-orange color is what I dislike. Why not a blue background?
  • I prefer the first entry. That has a problem...? In this last the circular object is too rich. The first, more stylized, is more effective in opinion.
  • only one design per entry is allowed. even those are not very different, they are different designs. you need to choose either one and resubmit it.
  • Could you please mark "needs work" so i can make a revision? thanks :)
  • Not bad, but I would like different colors, more recalling green, clean energy. Thanks!