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We want a logo that personifies our business mentality: Fast Paced, Modern, Determined, and Efficient. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DROP "Media" from title, and instead creatively incorporate a snappy graphic with some usage of our company tag-line: "Speak Up. Speak Out. Speak At." OR maybe even both somehow. Really liking the picture-based graphics with flexibility.

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  • really like this one. could you swap out the brown with maybe a blue or some other more vibrant color?? i like the added motto idea, but clear it, and leave the space there in case we decide to put something there. thanks
  • Hi, the last 2-3 designers used other words too. It's allowed to use other words or only what you gave us? Can we use a talgline too? Waiting your asnwer. Thanks
  • oops.....got my contest holders mixed up:/
  • creative but would like to see different colors
  • creative but we want to stay away from the "@" symbol
  • we like this a lot but would to try a different color than black.
  • this is creative but different colors may help it pop more
  • the colors dont seem to fit and the font is still off.
  • very professional and like the direction but would like to see a different color yellow used. we're looking for a little more flare as well.
  • Really like the edginess of this entry. Color is good and it has a decent stand-alone graphic. Would be curious to see a version incorporating the name into the picture graphic more to consolidate it, or perhaps using just "Speak At" with a more prominent "At".
  • Color here is much more representable of what I had in mind, I appreciate the revision. I like the "@" usage in this particular logo. Trying to think of something that makes it a bit more of an eye-pop. any ideas?
  • I really like the graphical representation here to. wouldn't mind seeing it in a color scheme similar to your second entry (blues & yellows seem to be reoccurring in my mind). Open to more untraditional means of "Speak At Media" wording placement within logo. not opposed to a more graphically centered logo if logo is catchy enough. so far so good though. thank you
  • I appreciate the revision upon our advice. I think i actually like the more horizontal entry better though (first one). However, I'd be curious to see if you could find another more "off the wall" placement of the wording. The graphic logo is spot on and would be a great stand alone representation, something we really need as a quick way to brand something. But I would love to be able to have "Speak At Media" somehow tied into it. I will let you know if anything specifically comes to mind (words in a triangle around it??). not sure yet. definitely enjoying your work so far. thanks
  • like the idea of the design. wording could use a little more snappiness/color to match up with the logo itself. but i definitely like the direction
  • sorry! aren't*
  • this is creative but the mic is wrong and too much with the arc.
  • professional and modern. too horizontal though
  • good creativity but colors are right and less horizontal
  • its professional and looks good but the colors seem wrong.