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Very simple. "Streamlined" design!

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  • Jimmy A, once in a while we have great contest holders (CH) and you have been a terrific good one. :) All the best for you or wife and the baby!
  • congratulations on the Baby :) & as everybody said u was greatly involved in the contest..hope most CH are like u really great experience working with u.. thanks for the opportunity. regards & best wishes , Selma
  • Yep.....great contest, great feedback, and awesome work from everyone:) Congratulations on baby:):)
  • Thanks for the opportunity, Jimmy. Great CH involvement. Congratulations in advance! Welcome to the sleep deprived club. :D Kudos! Elite team! Great job. All the best!
  • One of my best Contest ever :) and my best wishes for the waiting new born. happy to work with you. regards :)
  • Hello Jimmy :) if u need anything else to be done in my design plz let me know before deadline :) & i just wanted to say it was a pleasure designing for u as well..ty
  • We are very close to the end and I honestly believe that with the exception of 4 entries, I would have been satisfied using any of the others. Thank you very, very much for each of the submissions. As I mentioned, I am expecting our first child any day now and I have not put as much into my feedback as I would have like. My apologies for that. I'll be starting at least one contest for web design in a week or so and I hope to do a little better on that one. Regards - Jimmy
  • WINNING DESIGNER: Please make sure I receive the color reference #s. Also, please include the native .ai files for each of the logos, as well as .eps, pdf and high resolution jpegs. Thank you!!!
  • Thank you GoldenZ. I must admit that my smile and laugh did not translate in my last message. I was NOT angry at all, hehe. My wife is kicking me in the butt for posting that. Accountants have trouble with sense of humor. Thank you!!!
  • Hi Kimmy A, if you need my entry #4998 with the text changed to "SOLUTIONS" please mark it as "need work". Thanks Paulo
  • Fixed, Sorry for Modifying.
  • GoldenZ... For god sake please fix your entry. I'm very upset that it changed!!! Regards - Jimmy
  • I have refrained from leaving feedback at this point because we are too close to the end. There are at least 5 entries that I would be proud to use as my logo. I sincerely appreciate the talent that each of you has... truly. Thank you for making this a great contest.
  • Not what I am looking for.
  • Truly a great submission, but not enough at this point.
  • Please remove the fading in "line". Excellent!!! Very nice!
  • You changed it!!!! PLEASE get back to the EXACT!!! original design with only the name change. Please tell me you can do that!!!
  • Very, very nice! Great job!
  • Not what I'm looking for. Thank you.
  • Not bad, but not exactly what I am looking for. Thank you!