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Project description

We would like a logo that is professional, but fun. Our team has agreed that we would like to see some type of reflection or mirror effect in the design. The color scheme is open for review and we'll use the designers best judgment.

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  • We like your use of colors. Can you place the art to the left side and reshape a bit? Thank you.
  • Great concept, we like the idea of the abstract being on the left side.
  • Spectacular. Would like to see different font concepts. Remove INC. Thanks!
  • Our team seems to like the logos that sleek, professional, and have the abstract art to the left side of the text. Thanks! Ron
  • Check spelling. Thanks for your input. There is no reflective abstract mark.
  • Very fun logo. We would like to see a different font style and maybe place the two abstracts together in some way versus wrapped around the text. Thanks!
  • Our team is on the fence about the use of an actual mirror in the logo. Thanks for the submission.
  • Please check spelling and we would like to use a more professional color pallet. Thanks for the submission.
  • We like the concept. Could the abstract logo be more 3 dimensional? Also, can the reflections only show half the letters? In other words, not a total mirror effect?
  • Good idea, but afraid the text is somewhat unreadable. Thanks!
  • Team likes the use of color. The logo looks a bit like AT&T, maybe we could try the design without it being spherical? Thanks!
  • Team loves the 3D abstract symbol. Would like to see a fancier font style and drop the incorporated text. Thanks!
  • you cannot use gradients or gray-scale in b&w section. Besides that, read the rules carefully before submit any other design. Multiple infractions will result in ban.
  • All entries must be presented on official canvas. Please read all the rules before submitting any other design.
  • All logos look great so far. We can drop the INC off all current and future concepts. Thanks!
  • We do not want to go the route of the letters TR. Thanks for the submission!
  • nhr
    Here we are :)
  • :(
  • Hello NHR, thank you for making the change. Can you please make the entire logo and text as large as possible so we can see it better. Also, please reduce the outer glow (or stroke/outline) of the text to make the letters as sharp as possible. Love it!
  • nhr
    Something strange showing on the board, but my mails are info @ and nhrdesign @