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We are looking for a professionally desgined logo to be used in our website and other printed documents. We want customer to easily associate our logo with our fiberglass planter products, as well as our custom architectural facade products.

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  • This might be too modern of a font, i can easily change it if you want
  • There is not much time left and am wondering if you would like any changes made to either of my two entries #2726 or #2756?
  • nonsense posts = bad design
  • The font got vanished when I reduced the size for the canvas otherwise the picture quality was better before.
  • Sorry, I put this one up by mistake! And I deeply regret it!
  • WTF?
  • Hi Jordan, this is one of my 3 finalists. I like the simple design. Can you revise by removing that green plant on top? For the font, can you choose a bolder and more modern font?
  • Hi Webstar, this design is one of my 3 finalists. I like the fact that it is simple with just a picture logo and then the word. The picture on the left looks good but it's kind of too abstract. I think associate to anything about plant or architecture. Can you revise and change the abstract picture a bit, but keeping the general theme of this logo, that will be great. Thanks!
  • Hi Sharie, this is one of my 3 finalists. Can you make a few changes? Can you remove the green leafs (or water) thing on top of the fountain? And at the base, can you change the 5 steps into 2 or 3 steps? My goal is to make that figure simplier. On the font, you change to a more bolder (or thinker) font? Also, please move "The" upright, and maybe push "Depot" to right justify. Also, separate the picture with the words a bit more, so in the future, I can use the picture logo and words separately. Thanks!
  • you need to use the official canvas
  • you need to use the official canvas
  • i redesigned it so the plants does not look strange anymore, thanks.
  • you need to use the official canvas
  • Black and white section is only for black and white not grey scale
  • Using a modified version of Copperplate, I was able to create a column shape with the "I" and also incorporate an icon version of your fiberglass planters. I'm looking forward to your feedback!
  • Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure all future submissions don't have an altered canvas :)
  • you've got to find a way to fix your canvas. There is no problem with the files. If other users can figure out how to use it, there is no reason that you can't.
  • 1. the canvas you downloaded is the canvas to be used and not "altered in any way. (This is not a new thing). What is new is Requiring "all" members to use the OFFICIAL DC canvas. As to the other member..entry was submitted before the announcement and inforcement of using the official DC canvas. 2. You have been a member here long enough to know what the DC canvas is and not to make changes to the official canvas.
  • and an elite using the same canvas as me in another contest with no infractions:
  • reference to another designer in the same contest using the same template without the dividing lines like me & they didn't get infraction: