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Project description

The buzz-words to keep in mind are: travel, children, flying, customer- and child friendly, but keeping a professional and modern feel to it. Our target audience is parents of young children. The logo will be mainly used on our webpage which is the main point of contact with our customers. It can - but must not necessarily - include visual elements that reflect the nature of the business we are in. The logo must feature the company name.

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  • thanks for your submission. not quite what we had in mind.
  • hi. looks better. can you maybe revise it and only use 2 circles to the left, one with the cloud and one with the pacifier? and maybe the top circle should have the same font color as the bottom part of the text... thanks
  • thanks for your submission. not what we are looking for.
  • really like the colors on this one! also the balloon looks cool. i'm not sure about the company name over the balloon. maybe tiny to the left balloon (a bit smaller) in the middle and "travel" on the right. or whatever you figure out. and if you find a SUBTLE way to integrate some child relatedness it would be even better.
  • thanks for revision. it's better than before, but unfortunately not a winner.
  • thanks for the changes, looks better now. somehow the baby's look is a bit mean :) generally I prefer the logos with fewer colors so far.
  • thanks for your submission. not what we are looking for.
  • nice combination of colors! logo shows travelling and is still child related. my only concern is that it relies on the colors, doesnt look so good in black/white. this doesn't need changes, maybe you can come up with a new concept?
  • hi. like that the design is more simple and child related now. also the color combination in the font works well. 2 points: - the arms of the children are too thin. this could lead to problems in some applications with the logo (i.e. print on a t-shirt) - i don't really like how the plane looks. maybe you can rework this or leave it away all together. i like the faces of the kids!
  • ps: especially the orange and pink combination should be changed.
  • i like your other, simpler version better. this looks a bit "crowded".
  • Hi. Thanks for the revision. Nice way to hint to travelling and kid-relatedness. however the logo is a bit too busy: too many elements, too many colors. maybe you can work on this.
  • hi. thanks for this version. design wise it looks nice but it doesn't capture the "child aspect" as good as other logos. the travel aspect is too strong on the other hand - it almost looks like the logo of a travel agency or similar.
  • thanks for your design. i like the color you used for the font. for the font itself you could maybe use something "softer", give it a bit a more child related look. the visual element (plane) looks more like a couple flying on honeymoon - not quite what we want to represent.
  • thanks for your submission. this is a bit too much on the cartoon side. give it a somewhat more child related look. you can maybe keep the globe as a core element and rework the logo.
  • hi. thanks for your submission. the logo looks nice but a bit too elegant. this is probably because of the font. also the colors could be stronger, so the logo stands out a bit more. generally like the idea of the alphabet block but its a new approach! but when looking at it the first impression is probably a toy company (even though there is a plane on the block). would love to see a new approach from you!
  • Thanks for your design. Nicely executed but very similar to #2405. We would appreciate a new approach..
  • i like the creative approach with the balloons as representing travelling. visually i am not too convinced though - looks a bit too busy. also the flat and b/w versions are not ideal. i would recommend trying with something different.
  • thanks. still not sure about the font. maybe try something along the line of #2436. doesn't have to be the same but more in that direction.
  • hi colekins. thanks for the re-work. it looks better now. it is currently stated that there is a "problem" with the design, do you have a clue what it could be?