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I am in need of a new logo for my photography business. I am looking for something clean, modern, stylish, unique and fun. My photography studio is primarily geared towards children and family and I am marketing to upscale Mom's with young children who are stylish and looking for magazine, lifestyle type of portraits of their children. My typical client may shop at a unique children's boutique, the gap, j.crew to find trendy, stylish clothes for their child.


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  • when you work on the color revisions could you please show how my website: would look with the logo?
  • I really like this one. Could I please see the photography part of the font and the emblem in this blue color? Not the main tiffany color but the lighter blue in the background. I would also like to see the b&w versions & a reverse.
  • This is nice but I think the emblem is too distracting. Too many things going on. The ragged edge block in the back doesn't seem to go well with the pretty front piece.
  • I like this version with the serif font.
  • Hi Sevehn, This is nice but the butterfly is just not working for me.
  • Thank you for your entry. The font looks good but I do not want to use initials for the emblem.
  • Thank you for your entry. This doesn't fit the style I am going for.
  • I did not want to change the font you had used. I just wanted to adjust the height and weight of it.
  • i see ... okay, moving on forwards, i'll make sure i'll follow this rule - sorry for the mis-understanding as well =)
  • Those have not been removed because they were entered before the rule announcement. any entry with more than one design and or font variation entered after the rule announcement is removed. I'm sorry for any problems this may have caused you.
  • uhmmm Sharie ... my aim is not to put blame ... but ... how come 1147 and 1141 and others ... have font variation? .....
  • One design only per entry, that also means no font variations. One design, one font only
  • hi Trudy, here is the butterfly revision, just let me know your thoughts ... im working on the "infinity symbol" still ... thanks!
  • This is still one of my top contenders. the symbol seems to overwhelm the name. Can you play with the placement size of the symbol? I would also like to see the Trudy Holtz part of the font taller & thinner and to play with the spacing of that a bit.
  • I like your original version better however am concerned that it is too small.
  • This is soooo adorable. Super cute. I am worried that with the little face that it may be overly cutesy and not the modern, contemporary upscale look I am going for. I do like the fonts used. Do you have any other ideas?
  • The font layout looks really nice but I just am not crazy about the look of a butterfly.
  • I like the abstract feel of the flower and the font for photography but do not like the font used for Trudy Holtz.
  • I like the font but am not crazy about the ducks. It doesn't say contemporary or modern to me.
  • I really like this one. Super cute. I am a little worried that it may be too cutesy. Can we see how it would look with the font in a tall thin serifed font like: or