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Project description

This is a several part project.
1. First Step is to design the logo to be used for website and print---I would like two variations of the same logo--one that is just "Schweiger Dermatology" and then a logo that contains "Schweiger Dermatology" but also our address and phone number below or near it: 110 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022. P: 212-283-3000.
2. We then need to place the logo behind a NYC skyline for my website the same size as my exisiting banner, but prefer to include a better skyline with empire state building in it.:

Also visit the website to get a sense of our style. Prefer colors of blue and white, perhaps variations of blue but I am flexible in this

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  • Did not use the DC canvas please refer to our guidelines
  • Thanks for the entry. It not quite right for us though
  • Thanks for the feedback. Do you want to see the "SD" in a different font/shape or just treat the current SD shape differently.
  • thanks for the entry
  • Thanks for entry--good work but not right for us as is--plase try changing up colors and changing the top symbol to something else and then re-submitting. also can u make the phone number more spread out so its all one width?
  • Thanks for entry--not quite right for us tho
  • THanks for the entry
  • Thanks for entry---we would be interested in seeing it again after some changes are made---please put the symbol on far left and then have Schweiger Dermatology on one line next to it---thanks--make letters blue
  • Thanks for the entries--not quite right for us tho
  • Thanks for submitting an entry---this one is not quite right-but we would be interested in seeing something similar concept but different a bit
  • Can u also show this one to me with a line under it without address?
  • Thanks we like this one better now. Can you show me 1 or 2 different variation on the "SD" at the top?
  • what is the "problem" with #4272 and #4271?
  • Thanks for the entry. Not exactly what we are looking for tho
  • Would you prefer an illustrated skyline or a photograph?
  • Thanks for the entry. We like this one a lot. Can we see it with the Letters in different shades of blue? Also- Can get the address and phpne number to fit in one line under the logo--maybe put in line under the logo before the address? Thanks!
  • Thanks for entry. COuld you make it a little more modern and make it in blue instead?
  • Thanks for the entry. Not quite what we are looking for though
  • Its not letting me comment on #4271 or #4272 for some reason. I prefer #4271. Its very good. Can you make the logo a bit bigger though? Thanks
  • Looks Good.