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Project description

We need artwork in Illustrator 9.0 that will represent the company "Windy Ridge Alpacas."

It should have beautiful but simple artwork in 2 colors (fades are okay) along with their name in an interesting font.

Possible elements to incorporate:
1) a "windy" look with the giant cottonwood tree that greets you as you come up our drive, a cottonwood tree (not too blobby looking)
2) a windmill (an old-fashioned farm windmill) and
3) an alpaca. Must include at least one alpaca shape, a huacaya type alpaca (not a suri type alpaca)

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  • dear, msliz142, I would like to let you know that we have updated the feedback system. You can read more about it here:
  • Wow. Really nice! I love the tree and the leaves flying away in the wind. Perfect idea for depicting wind.
  • I will post something soon
  • This is pretty removed from the colors that they asked for.
  • They said they didn't want the tree to look too blobby so I think the tree might not pass their inspection. I like the use of colors that they asked for. The samples have a lot of interesting size ratios as opposed to a straight landscape look. Notice how the sand dollar is 1/2 the size of the alpaca in that logo. Moondancer just has a handful of leaves to portray a tree. I'd like to see some interesting design concepts that work with this idea.
  • thanks, glad you liked it.
  • I'm happy to change this deutch style windmill with a circle fan style on this revision :) Please mark it as "needs work". Thanks in advance. Regards.
  • Wow! Looks great.
  • Regarding glyphica's question on the type of windmill, they prefer the circular, fan style of old-fashioned windmill versus the Dutch type of old-fashioned windmill.
  • The square box around this is an error that occurs from uploading a GIF
  • The square box around this is an error that occurs from uploading a GIF
  • Thank you for the feedback :) Do you have a picture of the windmill on the property? I didn't see it, but I thought I would ask, since there are a couple different styles of windmill. :)
  • Thank you for the feed back ... I'll submit a revision soon.
  • Love the golden color and the fade, love the square shape pulling everything together, and the layout, but these are llamas and not alpacas. The tree looks a bit like a bush
  • I really like the feel of this one. The elements all fit beautifully together. I'd love to see a version of this with a windmill instead of the tree, or the tree moved so that only a small portion of it shows. Or?
  • I plan on submitting a couple designs soon :)
  • Thanks for the feedback! If you'd like me to continue working on this (you think I've got a good start, just need to hone in on the right style?) would you please select "Needs Work" on the entry so that I can post a revision? Thanks very much! ~Brandy
  • I'm working on a few ideas right now
  • Maybe we are trying to incorporate too many elements? Even though these meet all the listed requirements, they have a very different stylistic feel from the examples: I like the second one better. Thank you!
  • Thank you very much