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Winning design #50 by kalyan, Logo Design for A big educational group needs a new logo Contest
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designed by kalyan

Project description

Since we are 27 year old organization we are in a process of continuos evolution so that we can extend our services more efficiently and to a more broader spectrum. In the coming years we are planning to go international in a big way. To kick start the process we are planning to re brand ourselves as the the 'Educational destination of India'. Our main USP is that since we have many institutions catering to educational needs of different age spectrums, we think our logo should depict that. For Ex. we sometimes jokingly say that we take in a toddler and we give out a professional.(KG to PG). And also since 'Aditya' means sun we would want that to be also reflected. The logo should pot ray the evolution of a child in to a successful person for which Aditya gives the plat from.

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  • I could move the sun down where the points meet or remove it completely.
  • Love the concept but need better colors to highlight the sun
  • The sun looks a little out of place.
  • Need a better striking font
  • Need more colors to highlight the sun
  • I've sumbitted some logos. #8 and #9 little descrption about this logo. It contains the "Aditya/Sun" , year , and on the top left is the symbol of different age. feedback pleasr..
  • my entry #81 here is my idea, just a simple idea, every shape of the "sun" symbol are represent about graduation cap. otherwise, every graduation cap are make a sun rays (Aditya). hope you like it. :)
  • TYPICAL INDIAN DESIGN, Gear boundary for technical institutions. For evolution from KG to PG, I calculated 20 stages, the rings shows all stages with increasing in diameter. Small ring = KG, Big ring = PG. Little part of sun inside the gear en lighting the logo for education and the sun rays in outer circumference showing the presence of your group all over the country in all direction. There are lots of possibilities with this design I hope you like my design. Thank you
  • Combination of orange and yellow forming a shape of sun as well as leaves. Orange represents energy, sunshine where as the light yellow symbolizes intellect, happiness, freshness and joy. Hope you'll like it. Thanks
  • Hi Ch I revised my design by taking the sun out, please check #25 I also posted another slightly different concept #26. Thank you for your time.
  • Good day Ch. A little backgrounder on my concept. I designed the sunrays as 27 people reaching outward, this is sybolic of your 27 years in the business of helping people achieve their full potential. The sun's 5 outer ring symbolizes the over 50 institutions under your organization. Thanx for the opportunity to present my idea.
  • You are not allowed to use clipart or other designers existing designs, the design you used is found here http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/47714
  • Can I get an explanation for the design?
  • #100 hi contest holder, This is my logo(#100) according to your needs. Its based on the concepts of sun and sunflower. It is simple and can highlight the educational institution.
  • Dear Sir, This is my entry for the logo. I have followed the simplicity and designed the logo, which will help in print media. As per visual sun will reflect name of the Aditya institution and also it will represent Knowledge. The middle graphic of student will reflect that the after taking education from the Aditya institution they are successfully and ready to accept all challenges/completion in outside world. Thanks.
  • i have sun as main element in my design which enlightens a book. js as education refered to to light and light is always refered to sun. thank you.
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  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • Dear CH, I have based the sun loosely on a henna design, with the child becoming an adult and the graduation cap. Kind regards, Liz