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Winning design #72 by cobalt, Logo Design for A Cappella Group Needs Classy and Exciting Logo Design! Contest
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designed by cobalt

Project description

We need a logo that is: professional, sharp, exciting, and entertaining. We want an updated look for our website and that shows our professional side to attract potential clients. However, we’re also a quirky and funny college a cappella group, and we want that to come through so that the logo can be used on t-shirts and other merchandise. It should be stylish and modern, but keeping in mind our almost 100 year existence.

The (?) that's part of our name could be an exciting design element of the logo. "Spizzwinks(?)" should be the main text of the logo - "The" and "Yale" should be included but much smaller. Main colors should be black and white, with baby blue, yellow, and red as possible accents.

No top hats please!

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  • I really like the speech bubble effect and the weathering effect on the letter N and the two Zs. Not a big fan of the microphone graphic, and I'd love a little more excitement.
  • Thanks for the revision! I appreciate the idea with the bass clef, but I'm not sure that enough people will get it so I'd scrap that. Overall, I still like the tuxedo man, but the sound wave design isn't quite exciting or sharp enough. Let's give it another shot!
  • Just not quite modern enough.
  • This is a good balance between fun and professional, but I think the design could be a little more complex and elaborate. Also we only wear bow ties, so that might make more sense than the tie you currently have.
  • This is awesome, definitely in the right direction of professionalism. Could you maybe add just a little more quirk and creativity - enough for this to attract attention on a t-shirt.
  • I like the direction this is going! Again, feel no need to force the colors in there, just one instance of each of them would be plenty. The microphone is interesting but seems a bit disjointed - other shapes to consider would be things affiliated with our outfits, so our bow ties could be interesting. Thanks!
  • This is a great idea! Do you think you could find another way of incorporating the (?) symbol? Also if you could go a touch more professional and slightly less retro, that would be awesome!
  • about #8 Old school classic look modeled after the chuck taylors that are worn in your performance. Not sure if this is the direction, ut wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks
  • Thanks for the work! The question mark needs the parenthesis around it so that it looks like this: (?) There's no need for so many colors involved with the design, and it could be just slightly less silly.
  • I don't think I like the font but I wanted to get this up and see what you think of the microphone shape concept. I can easily alter the colors and advance or even change the direction. Let me know what you think. I'm free all week so I should have time to give timely results. Thanks for the feedback!
  • hi, about the high resolution thing you say, you cant upload pictures with too much resolution here unless its the original file. ill try doing another more serious stuff. thanks for the feedback
  • Thanks for the work! This just doesn't seem to be high enough resolution or sharp enough. I'm impressed by the work they're doing in this contest: http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/hot-opportunity-to-design-the -international-trademark-logo-for-a-new-branding-company
  • Thanks for the work! I like the incorporation of any tuxedo elements, but the rest of the design is just a little too silly. Something a little more professional and high resolution would be awesome!
  • Thanks for the work! This just doesn't seem to be high enough resolution or sharp enough. I'm impressed by the work they're doing in this contest: http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/hot-opportunity-to-design-the-international-trademark-logo-for-a-new-branding-company
  • Thanks for the work! This just doesn't seem to be high enough resolution, sharp enough, or classy enough.
  • The concept still needs work. I got the idea from one of your videos where the members hold their arms around each others shoulders. Let me know if i'm on the right track. Regards.
  • Hey Musicman, thanks for the work! I've commented below. Even one instance of each of the three colors would be enough. Making the design into some sort of creative shape would be awesome.
  • Hey CH, I uploaded this to get a feel of what direction you think would be an ideal one. I tried to make it fun but still modern without making the colors unbearable. Let me know your thoughts, thanks!
  • Sweet! Feel no need to use all three colors throughout, you can incorporate more subtly. I like the font, maybe some shadow to give it thickness? It looks like you're almost making some sort of shape out of the full design, so that could be a cool idea to make pronounced.
  • Dear Contest Holder, After reviewing your previous critiques, I made a few revisions to my previous submission. I enhanced the converse shoes to look more realistic, but they are still completely hand drawn. I incorporated blue into the lower right text in order to give the design more color as well. I decided to play around with some of the text, so I created a black outline around the subtexts in order to bring more unity and style to the logo. This can be removed if you would like. Overall, I wanted to give your logo a young and modern look, while incorporating timeless elements to keep you in touch with your roots. If you would like to see any more changes, please don't hesitate to ask! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio