A Silver Lining

I loved the idea of several artists submitting different designs it worked out very well for us.

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Winning design #112 by JeeJones, Logo Design for A Silver Lining Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JeeJones

Project description

I am looking for a logo to represent my business. I provide services to people that have developmental disabilities. I would like something clean, modern and simple. The idea being behind every cloud is a silver lining. I would like to see a could with a silver lining under or around it

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  • thank you!i hope this is going in the right direction. I can make any changes you would like
  • I like the lettering on this design what font is it? How do you think it would look in lower case?
    • thanks for feedback .. i have new design with lowercase font.. please check my design #42 thanks regards

  • I really like this design can you curve the underside of the cloud a bit more as in scan 01 I posted? Take out the word innovation. Make the blue a little darker and make the grey towards the bottom of the cloud and the word lining more silver.
    • good day CH... Thank you very much for the great feedback.. i uploaded the latest design CH.. Thank You....

  • Submitted #28, #30, #34, #35, #37 and #40... Do you want it the same as the sample in the briefing or just somewhat the same from the 2 samples? I hope I'm going the right direction now... have a nice day!-)
  • I love your designs this was a bit to modern
  • Hello CH, How about my concept #63 . And I want your reply/feedback. Thank you
  • Hi CH, Here are my concepts. #32 #50 #51 #61 . Hope you like. Feedback is much appreciated. :-)
  • Hi Ch, Here's other of my concepts. #62 #69. feedback is appreciated.Thank you. :-)
  • Can you change the green to darker blue?
  • Can you keep the design and change the ball to a cloud?
    • Yes, of course I can. See job number 141. All you asked!

  • I love the design can you make it bolder?
    • I'm working on it. Thank You for feedback. Do you prefer dark or bright background?

    • Bright please

  • I like this design a lot is there a way to make it look less like an app?
  • Hello CH,I submitted an entry #117 and I want your feedback.Thank you
    • I really like it, I cant see anything I would change at this point

  • Hi, Would you mind eliminating the ones you don't like. It will helps us to know what direction you are in. Best Regards
    • |--|

      Nomadicart {*wrote*}:
      Hi, Would you mind eliminating the ones you don't like. It will helps us to know what direction you are in. Best Regards
      |--| I have deleted the majority of them

    • |--|

      kellyleetilley {*wrote*}:
      I have deleted the majority of them
      |--| Thank you... I will submit a design that I am working on. Best regards

  • can you move the lettering to the right side of the cloud using the s in the cloud and continue with the ilver next to it?
    • Hi CH, Thanks very much for your helpful feedback. I'm working on it. Best Regards

  • If you like my logo idea #146 tell me something about the font. I really don't know which font is suitable with logo.