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Winning design #112 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for A Squared Solutions LLC. Contest
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designed by sikdesigns

Project description

I have just branched out from working at a facility that put on large scale events and started a event and marketing company. I will be working with special events such as large scale culinary events and concerts. I will also be working with other business to assist them in their marketing plans. I am looking for a basic logo to incorporate my company by using A2 (A Squared) with the 2 being used as a super script (elevated 2 just like it is shown on a squared or to the power of). The company is called A Squared Solutions with a tag line of "Your Event and Marketing Partner". I am very open to seeing ideas as I do not have really a vision of the look.

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  • I like the check on the left. Could I see this with the gray instead of the back (keeping red) as well as a gray (main) and blue (check mark) using the blue on the one I have not eliminated.
    • hi aaron, just submitted the versions you requested, #41 & #42. thanks for the ratings & suggestions

  • Could see this in black instead of gray?
  • Could I see the company tagline below on this one?
  • I like this. Could I see how you would think this would look on a pure white background? Possibly replace the white with the green. I look forward to seeing those adjustments. Thanks.
    • I gave a few color combinations just so you may see the contrast differences. thank you.

  • Made comment on other artwork you designed. Combine this logo on top with the text from the other artwork.
  • I like the text on this one but the logo on the other one you designed. Could you combine them?
  • Hi CH i submitted my entry#25 #27 hope to hear feedback from you. thank you.
  • I really like where this one started! Very unique. Could I see it with inversed colors so that if it was on a white background? Keep the green but make the white into black. Also could I get the tagline below A Squared Solutions? Your Event and Marketing Partner... Thanks!
  • Same feedback as the other design. Like the start.
  • Considering
  • Considering
  • Considering
  • I like this as a start. Could we try a few other combinations of color? Current black and red...could we look at gray and red, black and bright blue and gray and green? Also the 2 seems to be out of place, could we work on that, try to make it fit a little better?
  • just submitted the revisions. if you have any more requests just let me know. i'll be glad to work on it. thank you
  • Lets try a lighter blue on this one but I like the gray. Could I see this as well as the red with the gray as well? The 3D adjustment is much better. Thanks!
  • hi, just submitted the versions you requested. please check. thank you
  • I really like this one. Any chance I could see in two other color combinations? Blue (navy) instead of red and a dark gray instead of black. Also a brighter green and black. The 3D on the A2 logo looks great but the 3D in the wording makes it a little harder to read. Like to see this adjustment in the red and black one as well? Thoughts on all of this? Thanks!
    • yes, i'll work on it. let's see how they look & just give your feedback so we can adjust it. thank you

  • Great start. Could I see with a few different fonts? As an event and marketing company I want it to pop a little more. This feels awesome for an accountant.
    • hi aaron, just submitted #2. thanks for the rating & comment. appreciate it a lot.

  • Could I see the green in a red as well? Very nice design
    • Thanks. Please see revisions made per your request. #67. Let me know if there is anythig else I can do. Thanks again.

  • hi aaronstudebaker, i have another version its entry#59 any feedback would be really helpful. thanks