This designer did an amazing job at creating the logo that expresses our company's present and future. It included all the requests that were expected of the company founders.

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Winning design #177 by rdzeta, Logo Design for AAD-Chem.US Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rdzeta

Project description

A concrete alternative chemical company.

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  • 2nd entry #197
  • :) #196
  • I like this design. Can you make the grey lines smooth and connected instead of broken? #104
    • About #104, @quiksetpro_america Hi Ch, thank you so much to positive feedback. i already upload now the 2 different design variation as you requested. hope you like it. :) please let me know your feedback. thank you

      kind regards,

    • About #104, @quiksetpro_america Hi Ch, kindly check my new upload revise design. hope i'm in right direction. your feedback are greatly appreciated. :) thank you

      kind regards,

  • hello @quiksetpro_america ,
    please check this... #154
  • feedback please #153
  • feedback please #152
  • feedback please #151
  • have a look on my design :) #150
  • . #142
  • how about my design?
    please feedback,thankyou #141
  • Please check my design. Thank you :) #136
  • how about my design?
    please feedback,thank you #77
    • @karomah I really like this design. Could you make the two letter "A" look more like a traditional letter "A"?

  • please checked,thanks #103
  • Can you change both A's to look like an "A" instead of an upside down "V" #59
  • how to change these colors, what you like.
    what should i revision again?
    thank you #76
  • please check #72
  • Can we keep the same color scheme as your original #59 but make the two letter A's connect such as like #48? #63
  • please check,, #64
  • I like this design. Could you make the A's interlocking? #59
  • I like this design can you try it with Chem.us on the outside of the circle #48