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Winning design #37 by GAKA, Logo Design for Aaron Eisenach Contest
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designed by GAKA

Project description

I am an expert in long-term care insurance in Colorado looking to expand online. I have developed a local following and reputation from insurance agents and clients across the the state. I want to build a brand around my biggest asset, my name and expertise. Domain name is www.AaronEisenach.com. 

Specializing in long-term insurance now also involves other forms of insurance protection, including life insurance and annuities with long-term care riders. Short-term care insurance is also becoming popular.

As a broker, I represent myriad companies and types of solutions. I have a long family history of Alzheimer's Disease which gives me a passionate testimony for the importance of planning ahead. I greatly enjoy public speaking and educating groups of consumers, insurance agents, attorneys, accountants, and more. At this point I'm basically a one-man office but am expecting that to change soon.

Average client is 58 but people as young as 40 and as old as 85 are considering coverage.

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  • logo #107
  • after I read the brief design contest, I am interested to participate in the contest, please check! feedback please me if you want a revision. #102
  • Abstract symbol - the first word of name A #93
  • and this one is abstract shape of an eye representing vision in business. And it made of initial `A` at above and `e` at bottom. hope it works for you. #92
  • Hello, please consider my designs. this one has an idea of stepping forward. So it encourage to become success and as a leader in business. #91
  • Can you please include .com in your logos? I will be using www.AaronEisenach.com as my main domain. #78
  • Can you make the N in Aaron the same size as the O next to it? Also, I wouldn't want a black background but am concerned that the AE in the logo is too light. Maybe put the AE in black? #73
  • This is my Aaron Eisenach Logo that I think will look good any any business card, brochure or website. Its uses his image, which I have meticulously vectorized so that it will blow up to big proportions if necessary. The vector conversion of his image actually went quite well. I like the way that the Orange interplays with the black on the lettering, which gives it some play but keeps the whole piece succinct and to the point. The logo is meant to capture Aaron Eisenach as a brand and what way better than to incorporate his image in the logo. I played around with some stars other bits and pieces but I settled for the multicolored lettering and the image itself- and I thought that that packed the most punch. #75
  • Hello CH,

    Thanks for your feedback. I have a couple of new entries for you, #46, #47, #49, #50, #61. I hope you like it, Please let me know if you have any suggestions :)

    Best regards,
  • OKE @aeisenach will I revised my design..

  • I like the Ae design but don't care as much for the AaronEisenach.com font. I like the font use used for Aaron Eisenach in entry #37. #44
  • My hesitation is that my clients over age 65 may find it hard to read. It also takes up a lot of room, but maybe that's not a valid concern. #48
  • modify design #31 #37
  • I really like this one. Any way you could incorporate .com into it? My website is www.AaronEisenach.com #18
  • I love that you incorporated .com into the logo. Do you have any more ideas for fonts for the ae logo? My older clients may find it hard to interpret. #33
  • Probably my favorite one so far. Might you be able to incorporate .com into it since my website is www.AaronEisenach.com? Also, I think the e in the logo is emphasized a little too much... #31
  • used the logo colorado map #34
  • Thank You for the rating, if you think something should be changed let me know. About #4, @TheLadyMiha