Abbie Rose Ice Cream

Very smart logo, just what we wanted.


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Winning design #7 by savina, Logo Design for Abbie Rose Ice Cream Contest
Gold Medal

designed by savina

Project description

Need a logo for a new brand of ice cream made in Devon, United Kingdom. I have nothing for you to go on. There are many flavours. 

I was thinking maybe long hair of a girl, morphing or intertwining with some roses that form the words Abbie Rose? Maybe with a face, shyly hidden? Something like that would be nice. I'l leave it to you. The name Abbie Rose is a girls name.

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  • The entries I have received so far are nothing like the brief.
    • @mike7 check my design.. maybe it can represented your expetation

    • @mike7 hi there.... chek my designs. i hope you like. thanks

    • Logo that I created in accordance with what you want in the brief, Please check may entries #77. Thankyou @mike7

    • @mike7 please, extend the contest, thanks

  • Color option #96
  • A Different take. Hope you like it :) #95
  • I hope you like it. Thanks #90
  • I use an abstracted rose icon.

    *feel free to comment #73
  • Please write a review on this design without hesitation

    Thank you #69
  • I hope you will like it. With the best wishes, Christina. Thank you. #35
  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, please let me know. Sincerely, Christina. Thank you. #32
  • @mike7 how about this??thx #26
  • @mike7 how about this shape and the colour?? #24
  • how about this??@mike7 #22
    • @yogahadi86 Hi, I think we would get done for copyright infringement as that is very close to starbucks!

    • @yogahadi86 Hi, I think we would get done for copyright infringement as that is very close to starbucks!

    • @mike7 i think it would not.. what if that i change the shape of this border to the other shape.. not a circle.. or maybe you got some instructions for the shape?? And what about the color?? what color do you like?? Thx.. Sorry if my english is not good

  • please check my design..@mike7 #20
  • @mike7..can you tell me what kind of ice cream that you made.. Thx
  • @mike7..can you tell me what kind of ice cream that you made.. Thx
  • Hi, sorry but this is not what we are looking for. It is very expensive ice cream and gourmet quality. You design is great for maybe outside a shop in a city or beach. #19
  • i hope my design can represented your expetation..thx #17
  • Hi Mike, If I may offer some counsel on your logo, I think the reason you're not getting submissions that follow your brief is that the idea you propose is quite complex for a logo. The best logos are generally the simplest. So when your brief makes the suggestion, then says "but I'll leave it to you," designers are left to recommend something that will be less of a problem for you to reproduce in all the ways a good identity needs to.

  • a design i made for you i hope this wil be to your liking #2
    • @toon_vanuytsel Sorry, not to our liking

    • @mike7 thats fine i wil make a new one and put some more effort into it and put the actual briefing in it ;)

  • You could be the Rock Stars of ice cream. :) #10
  • Quite nice, but not suitable sorry, nothing like the brief #8
    • @mike7 How about this one #9