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It was great get so many options and the professional work of all the designers. Without thinking i will use it again.

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This is a logistic company, that our principal strong is to transport freight of other companies. We are going to be traveling around all Mexico roads and the principal objet is to people who see us, have to remember us. We are thinking that our trucks could be very colored but the box are going to be white, so we think that our logo must be simple, but modern, we want to bring a new look to the transportation in Mexico We like to make strong the ABM letters and the title "logísticas" just as a complement. I UPLOAD 2 FILES WITH SOMETHING THAT I LIKED IT NOW ALL OF YOU ARE THE EXPERTS AND YOU NOW HOW TO PLAY WITH COLORS AND LINES, ETC. We are trying to make the letters recognized like UPS , DHL, so we need a logo that impact.

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  • I like the style but perhaps im limitating too much with the colors. I´ve change that so you can use the colors that you want.
    • Dear CH, Thanks for liking my design i upload new color variation & different new idea i hope you like any suggested color plz feel free to ask me thanks

    • Hola, podrías decirme que significan las siglas ABM? Gracias

    • ABM son las iniciales de los socios Angel, Bernardo, Mario

    • i Preffer the first colors, i think its stronger. i don't know if you get any new ideas, but it starting to like me. have to talk with the partners

    • I was watching your work and i like a lot with grey o black background and i like what you do with HELICAMPRO a simple logo and the NAME (very useful logo) MARSHILL paint the way to use the color, in our logo i think maybe de arrows go around the letters AUTOCO the background Im just telling what im looking for, something modern but at the same tame with very strong letters hope i help

  • this is the best logo for me, also i would to try with another kind of typography, the icon perhaps changing details but i like it. Could be a way to just make to feel strongest the letter and use parts of the icon I know i give you a lot a feedbacks and information, sorry for that
    • Dear CH, thanks for appreciated feedback & rating my design i am working your logo & submit more new idea of typography i hope you like

  • the letter "ABM" could be inside the icon ? perhaps taking out the middle line ? just thinking ideas, your the expert.
  • i still preferring with out the arrow
  • i prefer with out the arrow
  • perhaps playing with something in the letters, i like it but i feel it needs something to call everybody to watch us
  • Could you try just with the letters
    • good evening CH.. Thank you for the message.. i uploaded revised design of my entry.. Thank You CH...

  • this is one of my favorites, just were trying to make it modern so perhaps ore minimalist style but i like it
  • I like it, just im looking for something more minimalist, perhaps taking out the world
  • i like this a lot, but there is something about the typography or the lines, perhaps if both were complementing each other, i mean inside or over or down the ABM
  • could we eliminate the World, cause we want more minimalist logo
  • y like the icon, could be the icon smaller than the letters. i mean complement each other, cause we like to have a very strong letters "ABM" with just a complement But i like the icon
  • could be some change in the typography
  • there is something about the world that don't like me at all
  • i like it but im trying to have just the letters with traces could be
  • were looking for something bigger in the font of ABM
  • i like your style, what if you take out the worl and use the abm with arrows at sides
  • just the font could be better
  • i prefer the other colors
  • i like it more in the other color