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I really enjoyed the process of designing my small business logo through DesignContest.com. The designers were responsive to my feedback during the process and in the end I received a good number of quality designs to choose between. I'm very happy with the outcome!

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Winning design #120 by hongxia, Logo Design for Above the Barr Designs Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hongxia

Project description

Create a logo for a sewing, embroidery and craft business. The company's name is "Above the Barr Designs" and we focus on custom creative clothing (mostly children's boutique clothing) and gifts for our customers. Owners initials are VB (Valerie Barr) so would like those initials in "aboVe the Barr Designs" to stand out. I've uploaded a basic example of a design concept, but artistic variations and ideas are welcome! I would like the visual in the design to be related to Sewing or Embroidery while also showing the company name.

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  • Dear, Please have a look at #12 and #13 and let me know your feedback. Thanks
  • Dear CH, My new entries, #51, #52, #53, #54, let me know if you need to change anything, thanks! Hongxia
  • Like the concept, would like to see this in a different color though. I prefer the purples and blues in some of the other designs.
  • I like the horizontal look of this design (as compared to #46). Would it be possible to see some different color options, perhaps another font on "Above the Barr". I like the initials with the needle.
  • Really like this design concept, great use of the button and needle! Would like to see a variation on this with the word "designs" less prominent/noticeable.
  • Thank you for the changes. I liked the needles in the bottom line (like your original design, #26, had). Please take the needles out of the initials, and use the script font for the V&B. Also, continue to work with color, maybe a brighter purple.
  • about #16 here is my revision #31... Thank you also for the feedback.. Best Regards, Alvinnavarra
  • Thanks for the comment back. The only changes I would ask for would be to change the word "designs" to be black (looks to be navy?) so it is the same color as the horizontal line (like #17). Also remove the website from the bottom of the logo. Other than that, it is a very good design!
  • hi stevenrbarr, in #16... any changes please request... Best Regards, Alvinnavarra
  • Also, is there a way to make the color more vibrant? For example, see #16 in regards to vibrant color. Thank you for your submission!
  • Definitely like the concept. Need to change the word "Design" to "Designs". Maybe change the font in Above The Barr to something different with the V & B standing out more. Overall great design.
  • Also see colors in #11 you submitted as I like those colors also
  • I like the mirroring, incorporate colors from #22 into this design. Also, be sure the word "the" can be seen and please make the word "designs" slightly larger (as it is in design #22). Thank you for your submission.
  • As for color, see entry #16. I prefer the background color to be more muted. Also, the font choice reminds me of "Dove" soap. Perhaps could you change the font?
  • Isn't what I was looking for. Thank you for the submission!
  • Like concept with thread. Font is a bit too calligraphic (loopy). Perhaps a more modern font with the V & B called out more. I like that you provided the three options (white background, black background).
  • Thanks for your feedback, regarding the colors I'm sorry about that as i saved the jpg not in RBG by mistake so the color changed, ill do some editing soon. do you have any colors in mind to be used ? Thanks
  • This design is basically the same as what was uploaded as guidance/general ideas. Looking for more artistic direction & ideas. Thanks for your submission.
  • I like this concept, however the color is a bit overwhelming in the background. Something a little more "muted" in the background. I like the idea of the logo is "above" the needle (bar)
  • Interesting concept. I like the mirroring idea. Would like to see the name of the business more prominent than the the name of the owner. I would rather that the actual name "Valerie Barr" not be in the logo, just the initials.