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Designer worked with me to make sure I got the logo I wanted. Very helpful.

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Winning design #25 by itafidah, Logo Design for Absolute Painting Contest
Gold Medal

designed by itafidah

Project description

Please design a modern logo for my painting business! 

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  • have it narrowed down to two designs. Yours and one other. Can you make the word even across like #53 but everything else the same as #56. #56
    • About #56, @brianstiffler22 Please find the updates as #58

  • can you capitalize the word absolute #53
  • could you also use a more solid font if possible. Thank you. I know it's been a lot of back and fourth. #53
  • love it. Can you make the yellow blue to follow suit with the main color and make the brush swoop a bit wider. Then change black lettering to yellow. #49
    • @brianstiffler22 Thanks for your supportive feedback, please find the updates as #53

  • is there any way to make the brush swoop off of the A and curve under the word absolute and have the word painting in the stripe of the brush. If so I would like to see the brush coming off of the middle left part of the A #41
    • @brianstiffler22 Thanks for your comments and suggestion please find the updates as #49.

  • here is my first design. let me know what you think :)

    best regards #48
  • is it possible to keep the brush in the A but use a different font #25
  • If possible, can you change the font color to blue. Brush handle black #4
    • About #4, @brianstiffler22 Thanks for your suggestions!! Please find my three version of Blue Shades as #39, #40 and #41. I again need your suggestion to improve or redesign some new concepts. Regards

  • ABSOLUTE #34
  • ABSOLUTE #33
  • Hi, just wondering if this is an artistic business or a house painting one.
    • @Bunnoctopus It is a residential house painting company.

    • @brianstiffler22 Alright thanks will get cracking!

    • @brianstiffler22 Alright thanks will get cracking!

  • hello ch,
    I uploaded design #24. please feedback. Thanks
  • like the font. Would like to see the color blue incorporated into it #1
  • like the concept of the brush in the A. Can you change color to blue and remove colored bullets in front of painting #16
  • Hello CH,
    I uploaded logo #17. I designed letter A with brush. Hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • Hello CH,
    I uploaded design #15. Hope you like the idea. Please feedback. Thank you..