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Winning design #146 by finestroke, Logo Design for Accelerate Snacking Contest
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designed by finestroke

Project description

I am looking to have the wording "Accelerate Snacking" created in to a logo form.  This will be a logo for a meeting that will have the feel of a sports arena.  It will be placed on large board displays and also used to be printed on to white basketball jerseys (see images below, I want my logo to be very similar to those)

I'd like the feel of the logo to resemble a sports team but not specifically associated with a specific sport or mascot/animal.  Accelerate Snacking should be associated with growth, so an arrow incorporated would make sense. 

You can get creative on looks, I'm looking for the wording and a creative use of shapes or designs that makes it feel like a sport's team logo and looks sharp!

In terms of lettering, want the fond to be bold, nothing fancy like calligraphic.  I am open to the letters also having graphics to them or accentuating the first letters of each word.  I am open to having an emblem associated with the design.  

As a good exercise, I would google "sports team logo" and review the images.  I do not want this looking like a corporate logo.  It is not a requirement for their to be a logo in addition to the actual wording, but will definitely consider.  I want the wording to be the star of the show. 

Integrated design: integrate both the logo and the wording. 

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  • Dear ch, thanks assessment design #64, please checked design improvements #157, if you have any suggestions please Tell me, I am ready to make improvements as you wish, greetings ....
  • Can you change the blue triangle to a red and or maroon? Also I am looking for a version with and without the arrow. If I select yours, could you provide both to me? #146
  • About #146, @finestroke

    Hi CH, please check my design entry #146.. I hope you like it, your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

  • color or something u fell for change tell me sir #145
  • I cleaned this one up a bit #142
  • Dear CH,
    Submitted my design #137 & #139, hope you like the design. please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you.
    Thanks & Cheers
  • Dear CH, another modified design with plan and bold text, shield more visible and a slight arrow change. #131
  • And also you can see the different of between my and your designs, anyway good luck.
  • I don't think so H&J, This is my own ideas, I never copy from others, Maybe you will copy my ideas but It doesn't matter. Take care you too.
  • Hi A.S. - I added three new revisions: #125 , #126 , #127

    Have a look at them and let me know your thoughts.


  • Dear CH, with some changes and bigger lettering. await your feedback. thanks #122
  • Have arrow look same as #102 #103
    • Dear sir, Do you want arrow same as #102 ...
      Awaiting for your prompt reply.
      Thank you.

    • About #102, @Designeye
      Dear Designeye, you have to create your own idea not copying my idea, from the beginning you are copying most of my ideas. Take care

  • Would like arrow design to look more like #114 #109
    • About #109, I can create arrow like that but I can not submit to the site because It will reject my design. I will create like that and show you via drop box. Is that okay...?

  • #116
  • with a different color #114
  • Awaiting for your prompt reply for this design.
    Thank you.
  • The message has came from moderator of designcontest web site that design a copying entry 88 but I didn't copy anything from there just put a arrow something like that but completely different.

    Any way if you want to see that again I will show via dropbox.

    Thank you
  • About #109, @Designeye

    This is my new design for you, More express and eye catchy logo. Please provide feedback. Thank you.
  • I like it, needs bigger arrow #101
    • @Accelerate Snacking Thank you for the feedback, I will be right back with the design as your request, greetings ...

  • Thank you! Can you make the arrow feel a more natural part of the design similar to #88? #100