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Winning design #164 by DesignBear, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DesignBear

Project description

Company: American Construction Safety & Engineering Consultants, LLC

Domain Name:

A new startup - Construction company based off Chicago. 
We provide a complete Construction & Consulting Services  like Design & Engineering services, Pre-construction, Inspection, Safety, Value Engineering etc. 

Industry  Sectors - Infrastructure (Airports, Roads, Bridges, Transits), Industrial, Educational, Commercial, Healthcare

What we are looking for:

A modern logo which is very proportional (1:3:5) in design, a bold look with a little contrast in colors. 
The logo should represent the company to be a "Construction Company" and should display the name "ACSE" clearly (can insert a graphic - a crane or any Heavy Civil equipment, Skyline etc.)

The logo should be impactful, versatile and relevant to the industry. Should be recognized by people as soon as they see it. The proportions should be simple enough to be able to scale down or up and still look good. 

The logo should effectively convey the brand name and image. It should serve the purpose of supporting the business name and the services we provide. 

The logo can contain graphics, or the alphabets "ACSE" written or designed in a unique form. It can be a combination of wordmark, iconic and a lettermark logo design. 

Artists can use bright colors with little contrast (a dark color - brown etc.). We are looking for a very creative (in color combinations & Design) and a unique logo. 

Should not look cartoonish.  

The logo should represent (give a feeling) it being a Large Infrastructure company.

The artist should keep in mind and be thoughtful on how will it look on banners, flyers, letterheads, posters, printing etc. 

Examples of few logos:
F.H Paschen

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  • please chack #199
  • @hadarvish Hello, here's another version of the design with another shade of light blue.

    Best Regards,
    Dragica #198
  • @hadarvish Hello, here's the new design with the light blue "CE".

    Dragica #197
  • Dear sir,

    Hope you like my design.
    Feel free to comment sir.

    Regards #194
  • Sir, Please check it and feedback on it #192
  • how about this one? thanks #176
  • Modern and unique #171
  • Yes.I can and i will do that.

    Thank you. :)
  • @hadarvish Hello, I can make all the changes but I can't use the building and design elements from other designers. I can create new building designs and colors etc.

    • @DesignBear Okay. Thank you for this information. 1. Can you use any other color pattern for this design? apart from what we have. 2. Can you use the blue as shown in my profile. Please :)

  • I hope you will like it and sir please tell me for any modifications #156
  • can you make the bridge and the buildings little smaller. If you can make it fit between "C" and "S". #105
  • Hello, I've just submitted my first design thought according to your brief.
    Please review my design and let me know if I am on right track.
    Thank you
    Warm regards #147
  • Color to see about #135
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #125
  • About #100, @DesignBear

    Sorry, now I make "ACE" as light blue and the "S" as Dark Blue.#124

  • Hi .. thanks for feedback, has been revised it's design, please check, tell if there are still less, so I immediately improve thank you #115
  • hello, ch.
    please check my revision.
    i hope you like this. #114
  • About #71, @hadarvish thanks for your feedback. I will try to apply on a white background
  • I hope you like it sir thanks #107
  • About #98, @DesignBear