ACTECH (Advanced Crusher Technologies, Inc.)

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Rock crushing, conveying and screening equipment manufacturer and dealer. Specializing in refurbishing of old equipment, service & repair field work and custom built plants. 

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  • Most locations know us by the ACTECH name so this must be the primary focus.
    • @rachel_taculad You might want to take a look at this:

    • @Markonije Thank you for heads up, we already were avoiding these :)

    • @rachel_taculad :)

    • @rachel_taculad About #407, @Radia I'am sorry. I am late opening the message from you. I ran out of time to include my revision design. I've revised it to your liking.

    • @rachel_taculad hi CH.. what happen to my design? it's missing now...

  • please check #533
  • Hello ATECH,
    This is my first concept for our logo.
    Hopefully you will like it. #531
  • Please change the red to #fe0002 and show me this on a black background with he black text turned white, in addition. #510
  • how about my design ? #513
  • I hope you like. #512
  • My design describes the company Advanced Crusher Technologies. Logo has a minimalist character, modern, serious and elegant #510
  • Can I see this with the red #fe0002 and also an option on a black background, as well as a grey scale copy? #407
  • please check my design & thank you #504
  • Hopefully you like my design this one, and give feedback ,, thanks :) #503
  • Can you please change this red to #fe0002 and give us options of how this will look on a black background with white and also in greyscale? #421
  • My proposal design
    number 3 #496
  • My proposal design
    number 2 #495
  • My proposal design
    number 1 #493
  • check this #492
  • Concept-02 #485
  • this simple logo,,
    thank you #484
  • Check it sir. #475
  • Please check it sir. #474
  • Check it sir. #473