Active Citizen Training

Great to see all the designs and perspectives on what we asked for. Some were spot on and some were not even in the ball park. However, you can simply disqualify those entires that are not great. I would recommend this to someone that is starting a business and doesn't want to spend a ton of money on designing a logo. I would also recommend this to someone who has an established business that wants to spend a ton of money on refreshing logo.


$300 paid

105 custom designs

25pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #58 by logox, Logo Design for Active Citizen Training Contest
Gold Medal

designed by logox

Project description

At A.C.T. we are training the everyday citizen on how to react to extreme situations such as an active shooter. 

We are looking for a logo to use across our products - website, business cards, flyers, etc. 

Our current vision includes a scope-type target over a silhouette of a person holding a briefcase. We are open to any other interpretations. 

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  • Hi @ACTLLC please check my design #72
  • font #63
  • check this one #55
  • Change the font to be more like #24 #27
  • Can you make for of a statement with the font? #47
  • hi can you check my revision and sent me update?thanks #25
  • Dear,
    Please find my design, i hope you will like that.

    Thanks #42
  • check this one #37
  • About #23, @huiiione it's a good classic design. Maybe try the person walking with a sniper scope on him.
  • design #27
    • About #27, @logox loving your designs. Can you try this? Guy as the A. C that looks like looking through a sniper scope. And be creative with the T. Maybe as a door somehow.

  • check this one #26
  • desgin #25
  • check this one #24
  • do you like? #15
  • do you like? #14
  • do you likek? #13
  • do you like? #12
  • says nothing about our business. #9
  • says nothing about our business. #8
  • too plain. not enough focus on our business. #7