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Winning design #111 by DennisthaMenace, Logo Design for ADHD Gift Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DennisthaMenace

Project description

ADHD gift We need a logo that will be both appealing to the eye and exude confidence and credibility in our brand. ADHD and treatment for ADHD to date has is a very has a very "clinical" or "psychological" approach by professionals with PHDs, Mds, and MA on their title but they do not have ADHD. We want no part of this enfluence that would rather medicate and alter than to understand and magnify ADHD. We, at ADHD gift acknowledge that ADHD has its curses but ADHD also has its gifts. WE like to focus on the positive traits (Gifts of ADHD). For colors we like the colors in our font (see but are not married to them. We would like to have a stand alone icon that we can use on our business cards an on other letterhead that people will be able to identify ADHD Gift by. Thank you for reading and best of luck with your entries! Please NO bows or presents in the logo

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  • #7: Dear CH, my icon represent an abstract icon, where you can "read" the letters A, D, H. Also the icon shown as motion and endless cognitive possibilities (the same our brain works). Thanks. Hope you like it. Colors are flexible btw
    • #7 I would love to see this with a lower case "g" and see how you would work ".com" into it

    • #96, #98, #99: Hi. Check them out. I added .com and made lower case g. Also, I proposed a bit different color scheme. This identity block looks nice vertically and horizontally. Lots of branding possibilities. Thanks.

    • Dear CH, to support my entries, I want to say that icon I presented HAS A MEANING and these swooshes form letters A, D, H. If you like some kind of abstract icons which have no meaning let us all know. Thanks

  • Lets try to switch up the colors a bit. don't just use the suggested colors.
    • AKG

      Thank you very much for your feedback. I have changed the colours as you can see in #27 - I think it's a bit brighter and looks more positive.

  • AKG
    Hello, please find my design at #12. I used the colours from the brief but I can amend the logo if necessary. Any feedback would be welcome. Thank you!
  • Hi CH, Please find my entries #9 , #10 in horizontal and vertical format. I have used your subtle pastel colours but please feel free to request further colour variations if you like my design. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • please no human characters for the icons. We want the ADHD Gift to pop out Please no gift boxes, ribbons or bows!
  • I am not a fan of the ADHD fonts.
    • I have revised the design and produced #83 , #84. I'm not sure if you like the icon and colours or whether i'm completely off track. Please comment. Regards SJK

  • I liked the vertical .com
    • Okay, how about the new smoother icon & colours? SJK

    • I welcome your feedback, please find entry #82 Regards SJK

  • I like the movement, well represents the ADHD personality, wondered how you would incorporate ".com" also, the color is a nice soft non-thretening color but is somehow not strong enough.
    • Thank you so much for the feedback, please find variations #73, #74, #75, #76. Please feel free to comment further. Regards SJK

    • Okay, I really like the ADHD gift part of this logo (maybe play with the fonts). The icon is a little to busy though. To many jagged edges.

    • |--|

      seogundy {*wrote*}:
      Okay, I really like the ADHD gift part of this logo (maybe play with the fonts). The icon is a little to busy though. To many jagged edges.
      |--| Also, try to make the capitalization go as follows: ADHD

    • Hi I have taken your comments on board and produced designs #79 , #80 , #81. Please let me know what you think. Regards SJK

  • Hello CH, I've submitted entries #53 and #16. They both signify the hyperactive, restless and impulsive mind whose thought process (and movement which follows it) is not one straight line but multiple lines in different directions. This thought process is the GIFT of ADHD and it opens doors to creativity. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Electra
    • Thank you Electra! I like the thought that you have put into the logo but it is not translating on the graphic for me. Can you try illustrating just that but with different graphics and fonts?

    • Thank you very much for the feedback. Regards, Electra.

  • Getting closer, please loose the gradients.
  • This is looking better but can we drop the gradients and make the colors a little softer?
  • I like what you have done with the word art, not a big fan of bouncy-ball look. The movement is important considering that is such a big part of the ADHD personality, just not sure the way you captured movement was on target.
    • Thanks for your feedback. Please take a look at design #48 has the same word art , and include the movement on the brain that is the center of the ADHD

  • Your logo is one of my favorites. Looks great in black and white, but falls apart in color. I think is just too many. Would love to see this with only three of the spinning things rather then 4, and maybe that art is only one color, ADHD is one, and gift is one. Could you put the "G" into a lower case "g"? Colors I've seen I like are in contest entry #66 and #19
  • I like the "arrows" idea, my ADHD brain is certainly going in 3 directions at a time. Im not sure if it's too many colors that tuns me off, or if it is the colors contrast each other too much, what what it is. Somehow feels cluttered with color.
  • would love to see how you would work ".com" into this. Also what happens if the idea-ball wasn't so large. I like the direction you have gone with this. Movement is well captured and is defiantly a part of the ADHD personality.
  • AKG
    Dear CH, I have added a logo at #68. Please could you let me have any feedback on it? Thank you. AKG
  • Hi CH. Please find my entries #49, #50, #51 #52. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • Please loose the gradients, the bows and the presents.
  • Dear SEOGUNDY: If there `s any notice or advice about my designs, i`ll be glad to hear. thanks a lot
  • Hi CH: I hope you like the concept of #33. I would be happy to alter per your spec if you like.