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Winning design #237 by matthewdownton, Logo Design for ADOHTA Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by matthewdownton

Project description

The Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists' Association is the peak national representative body for dental and oral health therapists. We provide leadership, collaboration and advocacy to enhance the profession and the oral health outcomes for the community. We are equally well-known by our acronym ADOHTA. There are 7 state branches. Our professional profile has risen dramatically over the past few years and we are undertaking a re-branding process to better reflect our status in the broader health community. We are seeking a maximum 3 colour logo that also looks good in black and white or grayscale. The state branches will also be adopting the logo and changing the colours to represent their state. Please visit our website for further information. The logo will be used on: • merchandise ranging from the very small eg. pens to the very large eg. banners • website and social media • printed stationery • communication with members.

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  • copying entry 6 and 7
  • Regarding entry #7 and #6: I took a more minimalistic approach, Instead of cutting the circle in half I moved the dividing line down made the abbreviation the focal point.
  • Hello CH, Regarding entry #20: The concept of this design is to bank on the popularity of the word ADOTHA itself, as a representation of the institution. So I used the A of ADOTHA on its side, to represent an open mouth; I then cut out a bit of the A to shape out the teeth, and to make the shape of an arrow (pointing inside the mouth) out of the negative space left by the cutout. It's a single simple shape, which makes it very versatile. This design is all about the shape so can lend itself to any color treatment. Hope you like it.
  • Hello Contest Holder, I've submitted design #15, please let me know your opinion. Thank you.
  • we are moving away from the tooth image as we are about oral health care not just teeth
  • we are trying to move away from the tooth image as we are about oral health care not just teeth
  • does not meet the brief. we are rebranding our image and trying to get away from the 'tooth' image
  • Hello! I've submitted #1 and would really appreciate any feedback/thoughts. Thank you very much!
  • Dear adohta, Here are my first entries, #33 and #32. The colours in the tail and head of the kangaroo can be changed for each region or district of the association, the body of the kangaroo is a stylized tooth, I hope you can see that. I am hoping that the logo as a stand alone icon will be memorable with or without the text. It is simple enough to be replicated on small items as well as large. Kind regards, Liz
    • sorry not liking the kangaroo

  • #58 is my logo design. From visiting your website it was clear that you don't just clean teeth, you care about overall oral hygiene and helping communities with your services. My design is clean and fresh, which represents what you provide to your customers a clean and hygienic oral care facility. The symbol found in the logo is designed to look similar to someone opening their mouth. I choose blue as it represents freshness and cleansing, which is what you want people to associate your company with. The symbol represents an open mouth from an outside perspective but also and inside perspective. It has been designed to show a mouth opening view from inside the mouth and shows the dentist or who ever may be seeing the patient. It also shows what the dentists or who ever is dealing with the patient is seeing. I choose to create the symbol like this because it shows the connection you make with your communities from both perspectives. The logo has been designed to look professional and universally appealing to all audiences. I also chose a minimalist effect because it is easier to apply on different mediums such as print, online or merchandise. Adjustments can be made, thought I believe this fulfils your needs.
  • i designed #43 and #45 # 47 curious wich direction you want it to go just let me know greetings designKB
  • #23 added, please provide feedback.. thanks in advance
  • #29 has been submitted for review, if you see something you like or would like to change just let me know. THANKS
  • Hello adohta! In my design #25 I made a mark that combines a heart, a mouth and a tooth into one to symbolize oral, dental and health/therapy. Let me know what you think. Thank you!
  • Dear ADOHTA, Would you review my entry #91 #92 #93 Warm regards
  • Hi Adohta, I have made ​​a design revision, i will upload, thanks
  • could you modify the image to be more stylised and put dots between the letters of ADOHTA
  • we like this concept but could you provide alternative suggestions for image in the 'O'
  • could you please modify the image to be more stylised and look less like a tooth. also please put a dot between each letter of the acronym
  • Hello! I've submitted #104 and would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!