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This was a perfect fit for my new logo needs. The designers were great and I had several good designs to choose from. Customer service was also very helpful with questions, thank you!!

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Winning design #89 by joekong, Logo Design for Advanced Office Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by joekong

Project description

Advanced Office Solutions is an independent office products dealer in Gainesville, GA. We provide office supplies, office furniture, cleaning & breakroom supplies, and printing products to business clients mostly in Georgia. We are looking for a fresh creative new logo to use moving forward. The initials AOS is how our customers refer to us and needs to be part of the design. The old logo (attached) is currently on uniforms, trucks, etc. so we want to maintain the AOS initials. If your design is in a similar layout, great, but don’t feel like you are tied to it. Our main color is reflex blue. However, white, grey, & black can be used also. We like logos with 3D effect with depth and/or shadows, but we are open to any creative ideas. Here is the link to our website.

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  • Dear CH, Submitted my design #10 & #11, hope you like the concept. please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design. I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers
    • It`s not the same !That way all the designs here are all the same !

  • Copy of existing design:;
  • Hello CH, I have just finished my design and uploaded #45, Tried a professional look, Any corrections be frank i will make it for you. Including color correction., Awaiting for your positive response Thanks & Cheers
  • Looks good. I like the changes. Can you do a version with ADVANCED OFFICE SOLUTIONS out to the right separated by a line and use more of a modern font. similar to entry #37 layout. thanks!
    • maybe like design #55 #56 ? thanks

  • Like this one overall look. Can you do a version with the A not missing the middle line? Can you do shadow effect to add depth? Can you do a version without the light blue. just using the medium and dark blues. Love the paper clip. thanks
    • Thanks for feedback, please see my update design, i hope you like thanks

  • Dear CH Submitted my design #50 #51 #52 i hope you like concept in my designs,please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my designs. be pleasure to change it for you. Thanks for your comments or your suggestions
  • Like this one. Can you do a version of this with a regular A. I like the power symbol on the O. Can you do shadowing or 3d effects with this? thanks
  • Really like the look of this one. We like the shadow effect, but the AOS within the ball is hard to distinguish. Can you incorporate the AOS from #37 or 38 inside the ball. Or maybe some other version of AOS within the ball. We need the option to put just the ball on a shirt and be recognized as AOS. Thanks
  • regards, I have to combine special effects to words AOS, but the layout made ​​especially like the 3D effect. The first was done in Xara 3D program, and later I modernized the look by drawing on it in illustrator. I do not know if it looks like WOW. You might like #66 and #67 Krisdesign
  • Dear Perry, I had submitted #14.Would you please give me early feedback and directions to make my design better? Regards, Dj
  • your entry is too much like entry 53
  • Hello! check out my design #83. any feedback to improve the design. thanks, have a good day!
  • Please change office solutions to black or grey to match the paper clip color. do the same on entry number 57. Also, will need to see it in white on black. Will need it shown AOS logo only. Can you present your design similar to the way entry number 14 did? thanks
    • Hi, please see my new update. i hope you like. thanks

  • I still like #33 color better. The AOS is still not easily recognizable. Love the ball design. Can lose the power O if you need to. Can you make the AOS more plain? I know this may be difficult with the ball can eliminate the power symbol O if it helps. I like the shadowing better on #33 too. thanks
  • Please do a version of this with a regular A. Don't change color or anything else. thanks
  • kwik, we really like both #89 and #91. We think #89 will look better on embroidered hats and shirts, but #91 better on website. Since they are almost the same logo, can we get both versions, to have the flexibility. Can you provide one entry with both, or would you rather us select either one, and you provide us files for both during the 7 day period? Let me know, thanks
    • Hi if you like 2 design, please choose 1 design and I will send both design. thanks

  • Good day CH! Check out my design #94 any feedback to improve the design thanks!