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DesignContest exceeded my expectations. The response in terms of design entries was overwhelming and a great majority of the designs were very high quality. Feedback was easy and designs improved throughout the process. I will definitely use DesignContest in the future and recommend it to my associates.

$364 paid

333 custom designs

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Winning design #211 by zounds, Logo Design for AFP Consortium Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zounds

Project description

The AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) Consortium is a industry group working on print/view/archive datastream architecture for mission critical, very highspeed variable data and transaction printing. You can see our current logo here in the upper left: A good starting point would be to revise this logo and just give it more "pop" and "presence". Or a completely new logo could be designed. Some of the elements of our business include a. Roll fed printers and post processing equipment so you could work, conceptually, with continuous stream in... discrete (pages) out. b. Printing around the globe c. Color management e. Variable data The new logo may be more challenging and, again, we would be happy with a revision of our current one. I am the President and Secretary of the AFPC (as we call it) and I will manage the new logo acceptance process among our members.

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  • ok, I will get rid that. thank you for the feedback..:-)
  • AFPC Member feedback (NH) - Decent font but overall too dull.
  • AFPC Member feedback (NH) - Not real happy with the glossy effect.
  • AFPC Member feedback (NH) - Not really happy with the glossy effect.
  • AFPC Member feedback (NH) - Don't care for the green or 3D effects.
  • AFPC Member feedback (NH) - Would only be passable if the "depth" were reduced significantly.
  • AFPC Member feedback (NH) - Likes #4 much better than (earlier similar design) #1.
  • AFPC Member feedback (NH) - Strange mixing rules and has the wrong primaries.
  • AFPC Member feedback (NH) - Likes design. Does not like pastel colors.
  • Try not to use the same details in your different entries! If you win in both of them it may cause troubles. Tnank you.
  • Thank you for your submission. I like the way you incorporate transition from continuous to discreet. Waiting for a few more submissions to compare with.
  • Thank you for your submission. I like the artwork, especially the way you incorporated "discrete" in the little blue segment. The text seems too bold or large in relation to the art, however.
  • Dear CH, I have just submitted #2 for your review....thank you. DM
  • I have submitted designs #89 and #90. Please provide me any feedback possible. Thank you!
  • Hi CH, Here is my Design #70 Tell me what do you think, I hope you like.
  • Dear CH please feedback on my work #67! I hope you like it!
  • Hi to #11?..Thanks..........................................
  • CH, #53 is with a white background and darker font.... thank you, DM
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #52 as a revision to my first submission, #2....I made the colors solid. Thank you, DM