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Jacondsign was very responsive in a short timeframe for delivery. He was flexible to be sure we received the a logo that we could use flexibly across a number of different uses.


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Winning design #45 by jacondsign, Logo Design for AI Capital Ventures Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jacondsign

Project description

This logo is for a venture capital firm that is focusing on artificial intelligence funds. I am looking for a simple logo, that will also be on a website splash page and on business cards. Right now, it is a burnt orange background with '' [ is what we call ourselves]. My idea is that the logo will be simple, modern, yet luxurious - showing that we are experienced and professional, yet modern. I would like it to embody both the tech and financial side of things and still be understated and simple.

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  • I feel this is the design we will want to select based on feedback from all the partners. We did like that some of the others also offered an alternative that featured the whole company name 'AI Capital Ventures' which gives us the option to use just the logo or the full name. Could you please show us what that might look like? #45
    • @AI.VC ,... sure :) ,.. but your contest was already expired,.. I cannot send it unless you extend,... is there any other way so that I can show you the result?

    • @jacondsign We will select the white background version as the winner and use this for our documents and presentations. I also like the dark background logo but would like the black part of the logo to be changed to the same gray as on the white background version. I would also like the full company name, AI Capital Ventures, in the same font/style as the logo letters. The idea is to have business cards with the dark background logo on the back of the card and the name of the company on the top of the front of the card. I will hire you via the site for an additional $30 to finish out the job with these two other items. Does that work for you? I'm in USA and want to send the business cards to the printer tomorrow.

  • We like this, if the 'a' were slightly less deconstructed. #45
  • About #29, @cubex86 thanks,,
    is there anything i must change,
  • Please give feedback,................ #44
  • Can you please remove the dot after AI? #29
  • Please check #29,. if you want to change something, write me.
  • check my design #19
  • Can I please see this without AI Capital Ventures underneath? #2