Aid to the Developmentally Disabled

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Winning design #21 by OrangeWhip, Logo Design for Aid to the Developmentally Disabled Contest
Gold Medal

designed by OrangeWhip

Project description

ADD stands for Aid to the Developmentally Disabled. They are a non-profit organization that provides housing for people with disabilities who want to live a normal life. They have 30 houses across Long Island (NY) with many residents. Ideally we would like a logo that incorporates both "ADD" and also "Aid to the Developmentally Disabled". Because if we simply use ADD -- people may confuse it with Attention Deficit Disorder. We are also redoing our website (, we have chosen this theme ( so we will need a WHITE logo, but also a version in black & blue if you have been selected the winner. If you could show me a white logo on the bright blue background from our selected theme that would be great. I am not entirely sure what direction I want to go in, but am very OPEN to new creative ideas! THANK YOU EVERYONE! *Note -- current logo has the address incorporated too -- we do NOT want that. Thank you. *** Would REALLY prefer horizontal logos as opposed to tall vertical ones -- horizontal will just work better with our Wordpress theme. Thank you!!

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  • Would you be able to make the "Aid to the Developmentally Disabled" in white too? Little hard to see. But I like it, thank you!
  • Hi, I'm #4 please tell me how i can improvise! thanks
    • |--|

      Somyay {*wrote*}:
      Hi, I'm #4 please tell me how i can improvise! thanks
      |--| It is very pretty! If you can just make the left wall of the house straight and take out that random line I think it would look a lot better Thanks!

    • |--|

      Somyay {*wrote*}:
      Hi, I'm #4 please tell me how i can improvise! thanks
      |--| VERY nice thank you! Definitely right in line with what we wanted

  • Hi CH, I have uploaded 3 more options by changing font and style #23, # 24, #25. Kindly review it. Thank you. regards binkula
    • thank you!!! much better!! I'm going to keep those, and eliminate the others. Thank you for your time

    • Its my pleasure. I happy that you liked it. Thank you.

  • It sort of looks like a cross too me -- might come off as religious -- would love if you could just cross the A. Thank you!
  • Hi -- I actually really like the little flower & butterfly, it looks very unique -- the only thing throwing me off is the fond for the ADD -- would you be able to try a different font? Thank you very much!!
    • Dear CH, Thank you for the feedback. I will change the font and upload the options.

  • This is really nice!! Only thing throwing me off is the little line through the left side of the house. Thank you!!
  • Perfect -- thank you -- I eliminated the other one as I prefer this much more
  • This is simple and clean -- I do like it -- would you just be able to finish the A with the line? Thank you!
  • I actually really like this -- would you also be able to show me one where the house is the entire A? I'd like to see what that looks like. Thank you!!
  • I feel like the font is a little too bold -- but thank you for your time!
  • Sorry they do not look like D's to me -- I like the other version you submitted more. Thank you!
  • This logo looks a little too tall -- would prefer something shorter & longer (if that makes sense) but thank you!
  • This looks a little too futuristic for us. But thank you for your time!
  • Hi -- if you could just remove the design over the first D -- this will be very nice! Thank you!
    • Thank you for your feedback. I've removed the design over the first D. Hope you like the new design.

  • Hi Lisa - Can you please let me know what you think of #21 and #26. Any changes I can make? Thank you.
  • This is really nice -- I really like this one....
    • Dear CH, thank you for feedback here is another version #50, if you want something changed please let me know Kind Regards seegor

  • I like how the "Aid to the developmentally Disabled" is positioned on the bottom side -- but something is throwing me off with the A. Thank you!
  • I feel there's too much white space in the D's -- throwing me off -- but thank you!!
  • Im having a hard time pinpointing the ADD in the top graphic -- but thank you!
  • The A looks a little funky to me -- but thank you for your time!