Air Rec Center indoor bike park

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Winning design #61 by Glen, Logo Design for Air Rec Center indoor bike park Contest
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designed by Glen

Project description

Looking for a stand alone logo for my indoor bike training complex Air Rec Center (ARC). Located in beautiful Vancouver Canada i would like a logo that embodies the rugged nature of the place. as such: mountains, trees, trails. And or wild life, example: wolf. Any Letterform style graphic could work out as well. Air Rec Center is, a warehouse filled with dirt jumps, wood ramps, and stunts specifically targeting BMX and mountain bikers. looking for a logo that can be easily recognized, be placed on riders helmets, have the "cool" factor and not be to complex. Look forward to seeing some great logos!

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  • Thanks for your entry! looking for something a little more simple tho. less colour, focusing more on a single characteristic (just an out line of the wolf?). Doesn't have to be a square or edged shape (more abstract)
    • okay, I will make another design or two, thank you!

  • hello contest holder , please let me introduce to you my concept of my first entry . its an abstract bike and a foot pedaling to form ARC . your comment is much appreciated .i hope you like it #8
  • I like the back drop on the moon idea. The lines on the wolf could be a bit more "shaggy" almost.
    • #3 here is the shaggy wolf! I hope you like it F.

  • Hi CH,I submitted design #1, waiting for some feedback. I enjoyed doing this kind of stuff.
  • Hey Glen, really like your deign. It almost looks to retail store tho. Is there any way of reflecting more bike related ? Like making a C in to a gear ring pattern or even make it look like a jump?
    • Hi, I have submitted #40 and #41 with variations of #39 as requested. In #40 to make it more bike oriented, I curved the left side into a ramp. In the top example, I placed a gear as the "C" in "CENTER" and in the lower example I placed a cyclist in the air above the word "AIR". #41 has the same treatments with the addition of the wolf beside the vertical placed "AIR". Please let me know what you think. Cheers' Glen.

  • Liking the general idea of your design. The swoopy nature almost reminds me too much of a "Ski hill". Is there any way your could make the lines more edgy?
  • Hello CH, I have submitted #22. I hope it is to your liking. Thanks.
    • Great colours. The out line almost looks to wave like tho. Any way of incorporating the "C"

  • Look at my design #20 and provide me some feedback. :)
    • thanks for the design. bit plane, would like to see a more bike orientated theme

  • hello contest holder, here's #19 with the textured grey and soled black
  • CH, Thanks fr the rating on entry #17. Please comment on how the design can be enhanced more to your liking. dlbonanno64
  • Hey Designers, keep in mind that I'm also interested in seeing some Letterform entries. Something with one soled colour, simple and creative. Thanks for the great entries!
  • crimson1 do you mind trying the graphic in a textured grey or a soled black?
  • Hello, Contest holder, could you plz take a look at my logo #18 and give some feedback
  • Hi, do you need something as #12, I am not sure for the colors. What you think, thanks, krisdesign
  • Hi, In #65 I added more of a chainring look to the "C" of CENTER. It also has 16 teeth showing. Cheers, Glen.
  • Do you think you coul make the teeth on the chain ring fewer and larger so its a littel more visible?
    • Hi, #62 is the same as #61 but with the chain ring teeth enlarged in size and reduced in number. Cheers.

    • Could you try around 15 teeth?

    • Hi, Just did another quickie... #63. It has 16 teeth, is that ok?

  • hey glen, could i see the design in black, with out the biker, and with "Indoor Bike Park" underneath?
    • Hi, See #60 and #61 for variations of #41 as requested. I put the additional text in to different locations and in different weight fonts from light to bold to give you some choices. Cheers, Glen.

  • I like the use of just the ARC but its almost to "space ship". Any way you could tie in some more bike related themes?
  • Hello Mr CH, i have uploaded new designs #79 , #80 , #81 , #82 ,#83 . The base of letters ARC (which means that it are internally the ramps, indoor) make the wood ramps and jumps. Some designs have one biker and some have two bikers,and the AIR REC CENTER have different font's. If you want modifications tell me. Hope you like the designs.
  • #75: please check out my concept. Colorful and sporty icon. Will be great on stickers and other corporate identity items, such as t-shirts, mugs, flags, etc