Airdale Productions was great. From the very start of the process to the very end, I felt like the entire contest was held to a high standard and was very professional. I did not know what to expect from the designers that I worked with, but they all took my suggestions to heart and payed attention to what I was looking for and what I was not looking for. My contest winner huma, was extremely helpful and was willing to provide any and all files that I needed. Was greatly appreciated. I will definitely be looking to for more of my design needs in the future. Chris

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Winning design #534 by huma, Logo Design for Airdale Productions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by huma

Project description

Our company is focused on producing corporate videos that tell a story. We also do training videos and intrapersonal company videos, but storytelling is at the heart of what we do. 

We don’t have many restrictions on how the logo should look, but it should NOT include clip art of cameras, or include any photo/video cameras or film strips.  Also the circular "iris" logo that you often see with video companies, is frowned upon as well.  I included that in the "don't like" section.

No crazy fonts for Airdale Productions. Legible, straightforward and modern.

The logo should look clean and modern as well and look good on both a white and black background.  No logos that are too busy or complicated looking with a lot of elements.  I plan on using it on my website, business cards, embroidered shirts, ect…so something that is able to be reproduced well that would look good on a variety of mediums. Color is ok as well but nothing off the wall.  No Yellow please.

The term “Airdale” is used for a Naval Aviator as well as those that work in the aviation ratings in the navy. I used to fly for the navy but was not a pilot, I flew in the back.

Vector layers are needed for any animation to the logo that I would like to do.

I have included a couple of new designs from the top of my brainstorming head, as well as the "camera lens" that I have been currently using.   These were just thoughts and not what you should be working directly from or using as a jumping off point.  Originality is key.

Thank you in advance!

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  • feedback please #548
  • how about this? #534
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #533
  • new logo entry #529
  • new logo entry #523
  • Hey seng, I'm going to eliminate this design, but I really enjoyed the lines on either side of the a and p. Felt like this was the best of the bunch from you. Thank you for the thought on this entry. #491
  • Sorry huma, one more request for this logo #515. Can you do the exact same thing you did in #516, for THIS text?

    Italics and make the E, 3 horizontal lines with the orange top?

    But keep the bold on the word "Air" still. THANK YOU! :-) About #515, @huma

  • Here's my design ..
    I hope you like
    thank you #522
  • Hi ud, are the wings on this entry a little more spread out than previous ones and also a little more horizontal? It seems less compact than other ones that you have had. Could be an optical illusion. Can you include this design on plain white background? #505
    • hi chris, sorry for that, but let me fix it.

    • @udrexzph thanks ud. Appreciate the changes that you are making. -chris

    • @udrexzph and by spread out, I mean the vertical space between the individual wings. -chris

  • One more change, can you put the text in italics like #463? #514
  • Hi manju, I will be eliminating this design, but it was in some serious discussions. I think in the end, we just liked some other designs a tad better. Thank you for this entry.
  • Hey huma, that E on the end of "Airdale" looks VERY similar to ESPN's letter E. Can you change out the text or maybe even have the E be 3 horizontal lines instead of something so similar?

    Or just change around the text, have "Air" in the text of "Dale" and "Dale" in the text of "Air". Maybe that will do it. About #513, @huma
  • dear contest holder

    how about my design? #510
  • - #508
  • Hey Ud, can you do another font design that uses another A for both the text AND the illustration. So use the same A. Just make sure that the first A in "Airdale" matches the one in the illustration. Thanks! #477
    • hi chris, thanks for the ratings and feedback on my designs. im working on the font right now. thanks again.

    • @udrexzph Ok, thanks udrexzph.

    • hi chris, i just posted new version of my entry #503 #505 hope you like it thanks again.

  • Shyman, i'm going to be eliminating this design. Not because I feel it looks bad or anything, just the opposite, it is a great design and logo. I just have decided to pursue a logo that has a separate illustration from the text. I truly appreciate the hard work you put in on this logo. Was always one of my favorites. Thank you. #308
  • Thanks for this seng. Smart design. About #491, @senglong
  • Too complicated wing design. Can you match the A in the logo to the text? About #498, @karl2013
  • Hey huma, I just want to check. This design isn't from someplace else or is copied from somewhere is it? I like it, that why I ask. About #463, @huma
    • About #463, @airdale_chris
      This design does not copy any of the design. My original design. thanks

    • About #463, @airdale_chris
      This design does not copy any of the design. My original design. thanks

  • please check my logo proposal thank you:) #498