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Winning design #122 by mmkdesign, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mmkdesign

Project description

Hi! We would love a modern logo for a mobile cocktail and ale bar! We are a family company renovating a 28 foot 1967 Airstream (International Overlander); it's shiny aluminium, it's exciting and we plan to provide funky drinks at weddings, fayres and other events, maybe gigs.

We want to convey a cool, modern image with the brand "" in it, but it does not need to be together as text in a line. The airstream shape is unique and recognisable, so we would like to use that in the logo. Our interior is white and silver, with a chunky oak wood bar and these could form the basis of a logo.

We look forward to seeing your ideas. Thanks!

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  • we prefer 117 and it's in our final 3! #94
    • About #94, @stephen86
      thank you
      but I will draw my design

  • Your Logo Design sample. Thank you very much. #145
  • Your Logo Design Update. if you want changes just let me know thank you #143
  • Plese check. thanks #141
  • Your Logo Design Update. if you want changes just let me know thank you #140
  • Your Logo Design Update. if you want changes just let me know thank you. #139
  • Sorry if I did not reply on your comment, I just made some reversion of my design as you commented hope this one will help and if want changes just let me know and I will submit it asap. #138
  • Thank you for the entry, but it is too similar to another entry. The font is not really that readable either with the "s" being too thin. #130
  • Thank you for your entry but this is not quite what we are looking for. We have our final 3 now, too. #123
  • thanks for the entry but not the right shape for us. thanks #125
  • thanks for the entry but too square. We have our final 3. thanks!
  • An effective logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. #126
  • Hi. Changed design as you asked. Thanks. #122
  • Hi, this is in our final 3! Please could we see one idea with very slightly smaller "a" and "b" in the icon above the words?

    Also, please could we see a plain black version and a metallic silver version like the 118?

    THANKS! #118
  • This was in our final 5 but hasn't made the final 3. It's a fantastic logo though, thank you very very much for all of your time and ideas. #79
  • hi, we really liked this idea and it is in our top 5, however we have gone with something slightly different. Thanks for the great ideas! #72
  • thanks for the designs, they made our final mood-board but we have decided to go with a final 3 that doesn't include this. It was close though, thanks for the great ideas!! #71
  • good ideas, but not quite in our top 3! #73
  • good idea and made our final 10, but not enough to be in the final 4 i'm afraid. thank you for the idea #63
  • as before, we like the towbar bit on it! #106