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Winning design #143 by hanief23, Logo Design for Ajar School Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hanief23

Project description

Ajar.school (peace.town) is a new social platform where people teach each other new skills. The word ajar is to mean open to all. These are the main things that need to be considered when designing the logo.

  • Needs to have a unique icon. This will be used on the mobile applications. 
  • You can play with any kind of color. Light blue, something like the "live chat" icon of this site, would probably be the brand color. 
  • Needs to be a horizontal logo

More Explanation:
Ok may be the .school domain is creating some kind of confusion. I see a couple of pencil related entries. The site is not related with school teaching. It is more of a community building platform. The community members teach themselves. Could be any skill. Dancing, coding, designing, etc ... The logo will end up going on the "peace.town" domain. So, please make it so the logo reflects community, peace, open heartedness and the like. Not just teaching. If I have to pick one word, it will be help not teach. I didn't want to include all this description and restrict the creativity of the designers. But I guess this is necessary. 

Please do not focus on teaching. No pencil, no graduation hats, etc... Here is a good point of view, think of the domain as if it is "peace.town". I would even accept if the logo says peace.town. 

Please let me know if you need more info. 

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  • @fauzanzainal won the popular vote :)
    • @adugna17 thanks for your appreciation :) , and i am waiting for you to go to the next process

  • Dear Sir,
    Please check my design and give feedback
    Thanks #161
  • About #123, @fauzanzainal

    I love this! With only 15 hours left, you are probably going to win the contest. But it is not perfect yet. Can you please take a look at the comments I put on the logo? Can we try different color combinations at different places? Like bolder dots on the icon? May be purple? Thiner font for the word "town". How about if we try black color for the word "town"? Thank you for your efforts. I will make the decision right after I see the other versions of this logo. Thanks
    • About #123, @adugna17 i already rework my design please check #151 #152 #153 #155 #156 #157 #158 and thank you for your feedback and appreciation

  • Please feedback. thanks #154
  • May be throw a blue in here? To match the rainbow colors. Just to try out. Just on one submission. It looks perfectly fine as it is now too. #123
  • Can we try thiner font in here please? Kinda like submission #141 ------ #123
  • Can we please try a bolder color in here? May be the purple? Or deeper blue? #123
  • I hope you like my logo #141
  • Hi CKS,

    I really like this logo. May be it is because it is one of the very first submissions to impress me. Can you please recreate the logo as "Peace Town" instead of "Ajar School". I will make my final decision based on that. I just want to see how different/better it looks as "Peace Town". I will make my final decision with that. #11
    • CKS

      Hi @adugna17 , thank you, i really appreciate that, please check entry #137 and let me know what you think.

  • New concept #127
  • New concept #126
  • New concept #125
  • New concept #124
  • Hi fauzanzainal,

    This is my fifth pick so far. But I can tell you, I love the icon more than all of the others. If you can please recreate this logo as "Peace Town" instead of "Ajar School", I would love to see how it looks. I will make my final decision based on that. Thanks. #9
    • About #9, @adugna17 thanks for your feedback, i already recreate my design and i have some option for you, please check #120 #121 #122 #123, thanks

  • Hi mehsugeh,

    I like this logo too. It is in my final top ten picks. Can you please recreate it as "Peace Town" instead of "Ajar School". I want to see if I like that better. I will make my final decision based on that.

    Thanks #38
    • About #38, @adugna17 Ok, I will fix it.

  • Hi All,

    I have picked my ten favorite logos from what has been submitted so far. I have rated them in order. If you all can please show me how the your logo would look like as "Peace Town" instead of "Ajar School" I really appreciate it. I will make my final decision based on that (Peace Town).

    Thank you all. These were all very nice submissions.
  • Hi mukto,

    This is my fourth pick so far. I love the color combinations and the semi-heart looking shapes. If you can please recreate this logo as "Peace Town" instead of "Ajar School", I would love to see how it looks. I will make my final decision based on that. Thanks. #93
  • This is my third pick so far. Again, please create it as "peace town" as well. #94
  • This is my number two. As I have requested on #58, can you please recreate this as "peace town" as well. #54
  • haneif23,

    This is my number one so far. hanief23,

    As you might have noticed already, I have eliminated all the other submissions except my top 10 picks. 5 of them are actually your submissions :) Can you please modify the logos to say "Peace Town" instead of "Ajar School"? I will make my decision based on that. If a new idea comes to your mind please feel free to include that as well. I like the simplicity of the icons and the logos you created in general. #58